i want to remove my facial hair

Hey everyone

i’m 25, male, light white skin, dark thick facial hair

i wish to remove it permanently, i heard a mall close to where i live offers the soprano XL laser, i was thinking if that laser is ok for me or if i should look for a different one?

also, i wanted to know if it’s true that after having such a treatment the use of sun block is necessary almost everyday?, or only when being exposed to a strong burning sun light?

Thanks a lot

If you have fair skin, you would be better off to find a place that uses Alexandrite laser.

You should use sunblock every day regardless, if you want to maintain youthful skin without wrinkles =)

Just get a daily moisturizer with built in SPF, they are lighter and less greasy feeling than regular sunblock.

Also you should be aware that if you use laser to remove your facial hair, you may look weird for a while because it will come out in patches… so you will have some dark patches with hair and other light patches where all the hair is gone.

If you have light skin/dark hair then the laser should be able to get most of it eventually and it will even out… you might have to have electrolysis though to clean up certain areas that are resistant to the laser.

so the idea would be to do a laser like Alexandrite and the electrolysis to remove the hard hair left?, and do you know a good sunblock brand non greasy and light you could recommend me?


You won’t have patches on your face unless the person misses spots. If they clear the entire area then it will all shed so there’s no reason for patchiness.

You should wear sunscreen right after treating the area for a few days as it will be sensitive but you don’t need to like wear sunscreen every day for the rest of your life or anything (even though that’s a good idea for anyone).