I want to buy a used Electrolysis Machine

Hi! I am looking for a used electrolysis machine in good condition. I am moving back to Mexico next year and I want to take it with me for personal use so it doesn’t need to be very sofisticated. I was about to buy the Uniprobe Autoblend epilator from electricspa.com but I decided to ask in this forum first, maybe somebody has a used machine like the one I am looking for… ???

I am mexican and have not been in the US long enough to write as good as everybody in this forum does so, forgive me if you find errors in my writing, I will get better … I promise.

Don’t worry, your english is much better than my spanish. It is probably better than my french as well!

Anyway, on ebay right now are some good machines like

Fischer Machine with Buy it Now
Fishcer Machine and extras

Of course if you could get your hands on an Apilus SX-500 or Silhouet-Tone VMC, you would be in heaven, but those listed will do nicely.

The UniProbe Autoblend is a fine machine - pretty basic, but does the job just fine. If you’re patient, however, you can find a better machine for less money on Ebay. Check the “legitimate electrolysis machines on Ebay” thread.