I want to become an electrolysis

I am an esthetician and would like to add electrolysis to my license. If anyone knows anything about combining licenses please let me know. I am curious if the hours are added to my license or is is seperate. For example, if my state requires 600 hours to be an esthetician and 600 hours for electrolysis, would I need 1200 hours? Or 600 hours plus the basics in electrolysis? I noticed that some of the subjects would be repeated if I need the whole 600 hours extra.

The other question I have is about machines. I read in this site that some machines can take care of Telangiectasia. Which machines are capable of this?

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Did you just ask us about your state’s rules when you don’t have a location filled out in your profile, and no location even mentioned in your post? Did you just do that? I know you did not just do that!

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The Silhouet-Tone VMC has a program for telangiectasia. If there are other epilators that have this program, I’m not familiar with them. Be it known that one needs to follow the guidelines of their states licensing regulations for electrologists preforming this proceedure. My license does not permit this even though I have the Sil-tone VMC and would love to attack all those little spider veins. My clients frequently ask if I know how to do the proceedure and I hate to say, “Yes, but I’m not allowed.”

Please fill in your location before our dear James has a nervous breakdown. Okay?


Sorry James, for not posting where I am from. I was in a hurry before work and didn’t think about adding anything to my profile. I am from Michigan, however I am moving out of the state for the electrolysis program. There aren’t any schools in Michigan. I have not chosen a school or state yet and I am unsure if I will return to Michigan. I know that makes my question about state requirements difficult. But I am curious what others experiences have been. I had a lot of unclear information from my state regarding how many more hours is required for practice here. If anyone has or knows someone who has a cosmetology license or an esthetician license who has gone to school to become an electrologist, I would love to know what your state required from you.

Try this link, it may help with the requirements…


Thanks for the info.