I want to become an Electrologist in Washington State.

Washington has no education requirements for Electrolysis soooo we have no schools. I’ve been looking for a tutor for months with no luck.
Please someone help!

Ever wonder why there are so few electrologists?

Standing schools won’t set up programs for this course, and there are not a lot of free standing electrolysis only schools around. The students who find a school they believe they can manage to attend, and want to attend, must usually move to the location of that school (which is frequently in another state, but usually hundreds of miles from home in any event) and find a way to live in the school location for the duration of their training. Since the training course you may take could require 6 to 12 months depending on what state you come from, this is a high hurdle.

I even know of a situation where a college had an Associates Degree Program in Electrolysis and ended it before it graduated the first class! It was not for lack of interest, there were over 20 people enrolled in the major, it was a perceived lack of prestige in the course. They kept their AA program for dental hygienists, even though that only had 7 participants.

Most current electrologists won’t take in an apprentice because they look at doing that as creating their own competition (even if you don’t live in their area).

You can start by checking with the electrologists in your area. If one of them is looking to expand, and you can convince him or her that you are seriously looking to be a part of a team, and not “steal half their business” for yourself, you may find what you want close to home.

Otherwise, you will be spending some time away from home.

The only electrolysis school in the state of Ohio closed in September,2005. It was not the school I attended, unfortunately,and I say that because it was located in Columbus, ten minutes away from my home. Before that school came into existence, I had to drive a total of eight hours a week, 2 1/2 hours from home (and family) for a little over a year,which was no easy feat.

Rumor has it that they may try and start an associate degree electrolysis program in one of the northern counties which is better than nothing if it happens. If there is one program located in the central part of any state, that certainly would grab the interest of more people, in my view.

These are unfortunate circumstances for any consumer that need well-trained practitioners.


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