I want my face back!

I’ve been doing facial electrolysis for 1 month with total clearing each week, and I’m getting frustrated. I still have regrowth that I am forbidden to pluck by my electrologist (very dark/thick, but not long enough to snip with scissors) and the redness/scabs. I feel like I look worse now than when I was plucking constantly. I want to look normal again, but I don’t want to slow the process by plucking. I want to know when there is an end in sight, and what to do in the meantime. Anyone in the same boat? Any suggestions out there for dealing with this?

A diligent client with a good practitioner should see remarkable improvement after 6 weeks. If schedule of treatment, or number of hairs removed are not up to that standard, it would only take an extra month or two to get to the point where one could see a REMARKABLE difference between the before and after picture. You did take a before picture didn’t you?

hey James,
I’ve got a few questions for you.
I’ve done electrolysis on my beard (i’m a male) 6 days ago. I cleared my neck all at once (took three hours) and now instead of hair I have a lot of scabs, and I mean A LOT. It’s embarrassing, but since it’s winter it’s easier to conceal my neck. I guess my question is: IS it natural to have a scab on almost every spot where hair used to be? I mean, should too much scabing indicate the need to lower energy levels, or is this absolutely normal? (I must say, I found thermolysis to be very tolerable)
I have kinda dark olive skin, I know hyperpigmention is possible, but does it occur few days after treatment? much longer? when will I know?.. Any additional advice?


for some people spotting and scabbing is more likely than others. Short term pigmentation is also a common thing.

I would say, however, that the current delivery systems of the newer machines allow a practitioner with proper vision devices and a good setting to have a very low scabbing quotient.

I would say that only the oldest machines, or the highest settings would give you scabs and discoloration on each and every follicle treated.

she uses an old machine. but does too much scabbing mean possibility for scarring? how can i know if it is the machine or the level of energy that is responsible? i could hardly feel it when she inserted the probe, and the current delivered was quite tolerable, as I’ve said before. is it alright to lower the energy and still obtain optimal results? (does way too much scabbing mean there is something going wrong??)
finally, if a male approaches you for beard removal, what would be the most likely energy level you’d start with? since you’ve been doing this for a long time, i figured you might have an answer for this. i don’t want to lower energy levels and prolong the procedure, i also don’t wish to scar my neck or anything like that… yep, i’m confused :frowning: . any inputs?
thanks James