I want electrolysis after my laser treatments

Hi. I don’t know if any of you remember me but im male and want to have hair treated on my upper cheeks and between eyebrows. I’ve had 5 laser treatments and my 6th one is coming up this Friday. I think laser worked so far, there is a huge decrease now after the 5th treatment and the regrowth is weak. around the same time of my earlier treatments most of the hair already grew back.

So anyway I’ve asked my technician who can do both treatments about electrolysis and she seemed reluctant although i think she’d do it.
Should I contact them and ask the next treatment to just be electrolysis instead of laser? or should i just do one last laser because it seems to have good effect…

and she said i would have to come in like every week or two. but friday it will have been 7 weeks since my last LASER treatment so would it be a mistake to do electrolysis then? and is it normal to do electrolysis right after laser? i wanna do it because laser removed hairs kind of randomly, but with eletrolysis i can have a more perfect hair shape developed you know…

I would wait for 12 weeks at least (6-12 months ideally). You want to see what kind of reduction you really achieved from Laser.

If you start now and suddenly get an increase of hairs down the line, you may blame it on electrolysis when really it was just the laser being ineffective.

I’m also sceptical about this lady. Does laser? Reluctant to do electrolysis? Doesn’t scream great electrolysis treatment to me.

As a side note, I got a message from an online friend today. She did Laser on her face, which she completed about two years ago. She did not have coarse hair and probably didn’t need such intervention. She reported to me and on another forum that the treatments had reduced the hair.
“I need to get electrolysis done but it’s too painful”
(some encouraging words from me)
“I need to do something because the hair is so much thicker and it grows back so much quicker too”

I’m finding more and more support for the opinions of some of out electrologists here that suggest that Laser just forces the follicles into a long resting period.

Well everybody here in Holland would rather treat you with laser if you’re a good candidate like me. I’ve send her an email so I’m awaiting some answers.

I don’t quite understand what you mean with laser no working. Lets say my treatments were effective, is it then alright to just pick it up with electrolysis?

If laser treatment is effective, yes you can pick it up with electrolysis.
Like stoppit wrote you really cannot say that it is effective unless you wait 12 weeks (6-12month ideally) and then you will start to get an idea.
When you wait these 12 weeks you will start to see the kind of growth you are getting, either reduction, hairs the same or induced.

Here is an example, I had a client who had a sister that was doing laser on her face for 8 mths and she said that laser was working fine on her sisters face she is only going back for a few hairs that come out every 6weeks.I explained to her that she really cannot say laser is working unless she waits about 12weeks to get an idea if it was working. Her sister waited and was surprised to see the amount of hair that started to come through a lot more than what she started of with.

Laser does force follicles into a resting period and i am finding my laser clients are not really out of the woods up until about 2 years after laser treatment stops.

Yes, electrolysis can provide you a better shape for the eyebrows. It is a better option for the Glabella( between eyebrows) area.Electrolysis can eliminate the hair with accuracy. Laser cannot provide accuracy in a small area, it can touch and stimulate areas around the eyebrows or can end up getting rid of some hair that you did not want removed.

How long has it been since you’ve had laser treatments on legs, underarms and bikini area? Is the hair coming back now?

It’s been over 2 years for the underarms and bikini. Underarms I finished up with electrolysis last year though. No, the areas are just as clear as they were then. Almost 2 years since I finished legs. Hopefully it’s gone for good!

But I have heard from women, like my friend, who have had their faces treated and had it come back about a year after stopping. Have heard the same about arms too.

I think if the hair is coarse and dark enough and on the body, it’s all good for permanent results. This is why I impress those points so much in my posts. But, if I suddenly did see a whole load of hair come back, can’t say I’d be completely surprised.

Ok I just got contacted by the clinic. They suggest that I set my appointment for 3 weeks later(it will then be 10 weeks post treatment #5) she says that maybe more hair will grow by that time so I can do another laser treatment. If not, the price for laser will be reduced by a lot because i don’t have much hair then, or she will do electrolysis.

I think I’ll do that to see what comes up in 3 weeks. Still seems like she only wants to do electrolysis on hairs that are light and lower in numbers.

Contrast the amount of effort exerted and the price per hour of laser and electrolysis, and you will see why a technician will be reluctant to switch their client from laser to electrolysis.

That makes sense. Anyway dhe already said something about reducing the price for laser, so I will make it clear that if thick hairs grow back i’ll only do laser for much cheaper price or else i will go elsewhere.