I think this is becoming an obsession =(


I’m a 24 year old guy and have had a problem, so to speak, with body hair since I was 16 or so. It started with my legs, then my chest, and finally started coming in thicker on my forearms and even hands. And within the last four years came the straw that broke the camel’s back. Its coming in thicker and thicker on my SHOULDERS. Thats too much.

I’ve ALWAYS hated the hair on my chest particularly, but I could deal with it somewhat. When I noticed it on my shoulders it really started bugging me, but I just shaved it and it was pretty much ok. Now its getting so thick that its becoming harder to shave and make it look natural. My left shoulder is much worse then my right, for some reason, although it now seems that its spreading from left to right across the back of my neck.

Its to the point now that I shave my face, then shave my shoulders, then the back of my neck every other day. Now I’m getting fierce looking razor bumps on my shoulders. I hate always turning down back massages from my girlfriend just because I’m so paranoid about this. Not to mention I haven’t gone shirtless in AGES because I’m so embarassed about my chest. I work out every other day and am very proud of my body otherwise, but I feel that it is all for nothing if the first thing people notice is hair.

I’ve got an Appointment for Advanced Laser Clinics for the 18th of this month to get my chest and abs done. Unfortunately I know I’m going to have to reschedule because its just so expensive. I also hate that I can’t get my shoulders done at the same time, but I just don’t have that kind of cash. If I could just get my shoulders and chest cleared I would be 100% more confident. This hair is the ONLY thing I’m self conscious about. Its seriously to the point that I think about it constantly from the time I get up to the time I go to bed, every single day.

If I could even just find a way to lighten it, or something that would make it grow back SLIGHTLY slower after I shave, I’d be a little happier. I don’t know. It just feels good to be able to type it all out. Thanks again for the website Andrea… its a huge help.


For temporary relief, try waxing… it is a straightforward procedure, and you will love the results, for 2 or so weeks at a time you will be smooth and hairfree… no stubble, no shadow, as long as you exfoliate, you will be fine… the coverage will be lighter for up to 4 or 6 weeks… this will give you some comfort until you save for other procedures…

Let us know how you go… and try not to be so obsessed with it… most of us hate hair somewhere on our bodies, but this site empowers us to deal with that…




dude im having the same problem man, I know how this crap feels when you wanna go swimmin or are offered message from your girlfriend and just turn it down. I think about it every day too and would do anything but hey thats not enough, I dont have the money or the durable skin to try any of this crap. I think im just gona shave and deal with shaving every day than this, im sick and tired of this stupid stupid problem, its depressing me now. I hate summer.


I think you will find waxing is not that expensive… At least you will be able to try it and see how you like the look and feel of the smooth skin, with no stubble or shadow… for a few weeks anyway… it isn’t permanent, but it is better than shaving everyday… esp. your back…

I never could either physically or emotionally come to terms with back shaving… it is hard to do yourself, and it does make you feel like the wolfman… getting it ripped out by waxing is one of the most satisfying experiences for me…




Thanks for your advice IHH. I’ll look into it. Its such a shame that the permanant procedures are so expensive.

Looks like these laser places need some damn competition to loosen them up.


It’s pretty easy to get fixated on something we don’t like about ourselves and build it up into something bigger than it is. I have certianly done that plenty of times.

With unwanted hair, the problems tend to be fear about soeone we know finding out, or fear that our hair removal routine will be interrupted.

In other cases, some people start to think “if I only fix this hair problem, my entire life will change…” While solving a hair issue can certainly relieve some anxiety, it’s rarely going to solve ALL your problems.

Finally, it’s possible to start obsessing over even the most minute amount of hair, and spending way too much time and money removing every last bit. It’s important to keep it all in perspective and make sure that your hair removal efforts are not at the expense of other important things.

Having said all that, unwanted hair is a problem that does have a solution for many of us. It may take time to find the option that’s best for you, and it may take time and money to get to the point you want to be, but you will certainly get there if you want. We are all here to help each other however we can, too, so stay positive and don’t be afraid to share a question or experience! :smile:


If it’s any encouragement, once you do start any permanent hair removal, especially laser, you will most likely see significant results after one or two treatments. Hair will be finer, less ingrowns, less stubble so the problem is much less than it was before. I was extremely happy after the first laser treatment on my chest. About 50% was gone and stayed that way and shaving produce much more satisfactory results and took much less time. Also it seems the hairier an area is, the better it responds to the laser.

Also, don’t be discouraged by all the negative experiences with laser. I think most of that is due to lack of practitioner skill and experience.

Good luck.