I think there is a hope

Hi all!
I am very happy to see that this kind of forum actually exists, so I can share my story, so someone could help me and perhaps I can help others.

Sex: Female
Age: 20
Hair Colour: Dark
Skin Colour: Caucasian

Ah well, this is my story (WARNING: LONG STORY):

Since 16yrs my face began to develop fine hairs all over the sides of my face, chin, upper lip and even my neck… you can imagine how desperate I got… well, my parents without hesitation or some recommendation believed in a commercial in one woman’s magazine and I have begun with laser treatments on my face. After SEVEN treatments nothing was happening… anything. And that pain… those treatments was so painful… So much money spent in vain (7000 deutsche marks… that would be about 4000 USD).
The practitioner said that there’s must be something wrong with my hormones and I have to check them. So I did, and found that I have largely increased levels of Androgens, particularly Testosterones.
I did not want to begin with any kind of hormone treatments even though a lot of doctors were convincing me that it’s not dangerous. Why? Because I was afraid to loose the ability to get pregnant…
So, facing boldly my destiny I have begun to depilate my face - and guess what! The hairs were getting darker and thicker! Agonies… ah well, my dark life continued…

At 18yrs I have met my current boyfriend and I was not thinking that my way of looking the life was about to change completely!!! (Oh yes, I love him).
He brought a light in my life!
Of course in a matter of week I had to tell him all about my facial hair that in the time when we met was perfectly depilated… he listened to me patiently and I told him all about it. Ok – he said, it is a problem, but not as huge as you think it is. And then he start to observe my face and noticed how much hairs I have.
Our relation continued, and after several weeks he said something like this: “Allright, I have consulted a lot of specialists and this is it: if you don’t want to use medicaments then we have to start with permanent sexual life and see if that changes something with you hormone levels…”
WOW I was so afraid of his suggestion it sounded to me so ridiculous and illogical like he just wants to use me and then dump me forever. And, yes, I was a virgin back then. But, for some reason I believed this man that is 10 years older than me…
(I will jump the explanation how he convinced me to start with sex)
Well after some time we started our sex life, he teached me all… from how to masturbate to how to get clitoral and vaginal orgasms… (I have never even masturbated before).
After one year and more I have done again hormonal tests.
Believe or not THEY WERE PERFECT. Everything perfect, everything on normal levels and the testosterone in the down limit for females! That was like a miracle to me, I was sceptical I confess but not anymore!!!

So, 3 and a half months ago I have begun with electrolysis by the suggestion of my boyfriend who said that laser is not yet well developed treatment while electrolysis is well known and proven method.
Now, after 3 and a half months, I am happy to say that finally I am beginning to notice a difference! I am going two times weekly, removing about 150 hairs per treatment. That would be around 300 hairs removed weekly. My chin is now beginning to get natural rose skin colour… I am so happy… The hairs are getting lighter and thinner!
My practitioner is well known dermatologist that is actually a university professor, so I presume that he knows what he is doing… (I hope so…)
He said that I will need at least 18 months to get rid of my facial hair totally…

However being a natural born sceptic I have some questions:

  • Should I go with more hairs per treatment or this amount is OK?
  • He is using a local anaesthetic (spray) while performing the electrolysis to reduce my pain, is this fine or is it better without it?
  • After 18 months hair free? True or Lie?

Thank you all for being patient and reading my post
Annette Meier

The number of hairs removed per hour varies by practitioner and client (and equipment used and so on). Although there may be many faster practitioners in your area, there may also be many who are slower.

If you don’t want to use the numbing spray, ask him to do a hair or two in an area without it and see if you find that tolerable. If not, then keep the spray. There are also things like LMX-5, Emla, and injectables for pain management. Work together with your doctor to make your treatment the best it can be.

As for the duration of time for your treatments, if you can do longer appointments in the beginning, you will get all the hairs removed faster, and as such, will quickly get to first clearance, and then you can step down to fewer treatments, done at longer intervals. Your practitioner may not find this to be the plan to follow however, because either he, or she doesn’t have the stamina to do long appointments, or your skin can not tolerate the treatment as administered in that particular office for longer than the time you are being given.

Good Luck, and sorry about the money you lost on your LASER experiment.