I started my treatments...

I treat my neck eyebrows and my bottoms where I had some kind of pigmentation. Baiscally how many treatments would I have to do? Will the hair that grow in a month be dramatically thinner?

The hair that grows in a month later will be NEW hair that wasn’t treated with electrolysis. Hair grows in cycles and not all hair is at the surface to be treated at the same time. That’s why you need several sessions over about a years time. How many treatments depend on how much hair you have and the skill of your electrologist. It is possible for the hair to grow back thinner if it was insufficiently treated the first time in the growing stage.

We are not usually talking years and years and years for this area, but rather three hair growth cycles or nine-twelve months minimally. You need to get to a first clearance where all offending hair has been treated and then you will need to keep to an ambitious schedule of every 2-3 weeks to catch all new surfacing hair. Towards the end of a year, things slow down dramatically where you will need a few cleanups here and there.

This can be the usual scenario if you have a skilled electrologist with decent speed.

I’m not sure what you meant by pigmentation??? Do you mean hyperpigmentation? Was it there prior to electrolysis treatments?

Talk to your person about how many treatments because she/he can actually see your problem. Remember to stay loyal like the sunrise with your treatments if you want true permanent hair removal.


Hi Quarterman,

Some other things to think about;

  1. How old are you? If you are in the 18 - 25 range, you have not yet fully developed your hair growth pattern.

  2. Your ethnicity can also be a problem in this area. Certain groups produce more hair than others. Compare those of Nordic ancestry to those from the Eastern Mediterranean.

It is also important to realize that improperly treated hairs will take a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks to show themselves again (there are always a few). This is basically the same as if they’d been tweezed .

Other than that, the previous post has pretty well defined the process. Everyone is different and the actual time for full clearance will vary from person to person to some degree.

Good luck and hang in there,