I start tomorrow!


Well, tomorrow is my first appointment for laser. I’m having my upper lip done, and maybe my armpits. I didnt book for the armpits, but if she has time, I’d like to get them done…

At first I was all gung ho about this, now I’m a little anxious!! I’m scared that my lip is going to fry, that its going to hurt a great deal, Discoloration of skin, etc…

I asked what I had to do for prep, and the only thing she told me was to shave, nothing about the gels I’ve read about here…Hell, I didnt even think to ask about what kind of laser she uses, I discovered this site after I booked my appointmet!

Also, afterwards, I started calling other places and could not believe the price difference! I’m getting the upper lip done for $60/treatment, and I got a quote from another clinic, exact same thing for $250/treatment… is this a bad sign? :confused:

I’m having second thoughts about this, but I still really want to do this as I am tired of shaving (my pores on my upper lip look like a man’s… I have that shadow thing going on…)

I have a home electrolosys (sp?) kit at home that I’ve been doing my legs with, cant beleive how time consuming it is, but I cant afford laser on my legs just yet. I thought I’d do what I could at home and then go get laser for the areas I couldnt reach at home. I tried doing it on my upper lip a few months back, and it just hurt too much so I gave up…

I guess I’m just looking for assurances that everything will be fine and I’m just being a big chicken about it!!

I have light olive skin and my hair is really thick, black stubble, very noticable!


I hope all went well, jan. You are like most consumers-- you booked an appointment without a lot of information or comparison shopping. While this often works out fine, you can usually reduce costs and risk of side effects and ineffective results by taking my laser questionnaire in with you.

Price differences are often based on repoutation and experience. I hope you have a great result, and please keep us posted!


Thanks Andrea, it did go pretty well, I posted an update here somewhere. I go next week to get my underarms done. This lady is the cheapest in town and seems to be very knowledgable (she is a RN). It has been exactly a week since I had my upper lip done and I am amazed at how many hairs I can just slide out with a pair of tweezers!!

I noticed my ‘pepper spots’ were breaking thru the skin yesterday so I tried tweezing those too, and they came out with no problems.

I am very optimistic that this will go very well for me. I even noticed a difference in my skin texture on my upper lip as well, the pores dont seem to be as large and the skin looks smoother (maybe because there is no 5:00 shadow?). It was only my first treatment, yes, but I am very excited with the results so far!!!