I really need help andrea...


hello andrea, there verry cute ur catz, i just saw them by passin to ur site,i really have to admit that ur sites rocks too…i’ll donate $ whenever i get my new job in marketing,

i had a question about the the hair between the two eye brow, what is the best thing to doo to remove it, will it work with lazersheet iode, or anything,plz help…im always embarassed when i go out… :frowning:

tnx u sooo much for everything


Hi daredevil!

My little cat is sitting right here on my desk. I keep a pad for her to sit on under a hot desk light, since she is very underweight and it gets COLD this time of year,

For hairs between the brows, the best temporary method is plucking, waxing or threading. You might get a pro to do it once, than maintain the sahpe they do for you. You don’t want it to be obvious, and even a hair or two can make a difference.

For that reason, I don’t recommend lasering between the eyes. Besides the safety issue, it’s not accurate enough to give the precise results you need when doing brows. If you want the hair gone for good, find a really good electrologist, and after a few sessions, you’ll be good to go.