I rarely even leave the house.

I’m 36 & noticed my first few hairs on my chin at 16. I just plucked them, didn’t give them another thought. They began to grow longer and a few more of them by 25. At 27, there were many, I was in a hurry one day, no time to pluck & I shaved them off. Quick fix I thought. Being fair skinned (biracial), it didn’t take long for it to look like I had a 5 o’clock shadow at all times. My skin is hyper pigmented now. I’ve tried the creams, like Nair and they just chemically burned my skin, leaving even more scarring. I bumped it up to the cream that’s designed for Black men. That worked for awhile but soon it wasn’t strong enough either, not on my chin. All the while the discoloration of my chin is getting worse & worse. The hair on my upper lip is a pain but nothing like my chin. So, I’ve resorted to plucking every few days but I have a large amount of hair on both sides of my chin and even underneath. It’s difficult to get to at times. I need a bright spot light, a magnified mirror and about 2 hours of time every 2-3 days to removed MOST of them. I have problems with massive amounts of ingrown hairs as well because I am half black, the hairs curl and re-enter causing a painful (and ugly) bump. So, I have to sterilize a needle, dig it out, remove it with the tweezer & disinfect.
It’s very noticeable and it has effected my self esteem to the point of not even wanting to leave my house. I have social anxiety disorder because I’m always fearful of what someone will think. Even my husband teases me about it frequently. I have a supportive friend that even helps to remove hairs at times but she’s the only one that I have to talk to about it and how it affects me personally. Going to the beauty shop or anything like that is always out of the question for me because the lights are so bright & they have what I avoid 99% of the time, MIRRORS. I hate looking at myself.
I’ve been dealing with this for over 20 years. My siblings and those closest to me watched the gradual but noticeable transformation over the years and have never been shy about voicing their opinions on it. Which only leads to more shame.
I do not work because of this, another strain in my marriage. Family & friends always comment on how I’ve let myself go. Prior to the discoloration, scarring and bumps from ingrown hairs, I always kept myself up, had a high level of confidence & was a social butterfly. I can’t afford the permanent removal treatments.
I’m always depressed, angry & bitter. Sometimes I don’t even want to go on.

Hi HerLady!

Let’s forget the last sentence you wrote. Everyone, including you. OK?

Well, now let’s find solutions. What chances you have to work a couple hours every day?
I do not know the status of your social environment. But in these cases a woman is particularly smart. For a woman find a job is easier than for a man. There is always an elder or a baby to look after. You have hands, you will have youth, you have motivation, you have the family pressure. You have everything you need to change the course of your life. It’s time to change!!
If up to me, your case would be resolved as follows:
We would do a particular area such as the chin. Little investment of time and money. Then would follow for other less urgent. Meanwhile your self-esteem will grow and the problem would gradually disappear.
I have clients who tell me: If necessary, I stop eating, but the Electrolysis is sacred.


You are not alone! I feel the same way. You should feel a sense of courage though for being able to share your experience with others (husband and friend). I haven’t been able tot do that yet! You have strength…remember that! Do you have health insurance? Maybe the Dr. can do some tests and get you on meds that will help. Birth control is supposed to help a little too…although it hasn’t much in my case (but it may for others). Planned parenthood even offers lost cost bc. Maybe it won’t get rid of the hair you have now, but it may prevent it from getting worse!

Before you decide that you can not afford electrolysis, schedule some consultations and find out exactly what you’d need to spend weekly or every other week to start on the worst area(s). You may be surprised that it’s not as expensive as you think. A weekly $30 dinner should get you at least 15 minutes. Better than nothing, right? And if you’re willing, let the electrologist know that you are willing to barter…office/home cleaning, baby sitting, yard work, etc. Don’t give up! Taking baby steps to reach a goal is better than taking no steps.

  • Do you have health insurance? You should schedule an appt with an endocrinologist who can do tests to see if you have any underlying hormonal conditions causing the growth.

  • Don’t write off permanent hair removal methods. If the hair is coarse and dense, a Yag laser would be a good option for your skin type. It may not be as expensive as you may think. You would need one treatment every 2 months. Upper lip and chin area would cost around $50-150 per treatment depending on how big the total area is. You can work to save up that much in 2 months. Most places also take credit cards and provide interest free credit options. You’ll get rid of the shadow and ingrowns in even one treatment. You’ll need about 6-8 treatments spaced every 2 months.

Some photos of worse situations than yours and results after laser: http://images02.olx.com/ui/2/48/03/34964503_1.jpg

If the hair is fine or sparse, electrolysis is the only option. It’s also not as expensive as you may think. It takes about the same time as plucking the hair, so if you spend 2 hours every 2-3 days to pluck, you can pay an electrologist that and only have to do it once every 2-3 weeks after the first month or so. Electrolysis costs around $60-70 per hour. It’s something you can save up as well if you really try and many electrologists also take credit cards.

  • I would really advise you to try to tackle the situation like all of us did on this forum instead of getting yourself down about it. I’m sure the people in your life will support you in this process too.

If you’re going to be digging in your face with a needle anyway, and won’t go for professional treatment, you might as well buy a one touch home electrolysis machine and at least remove the worst hairs permanently.

Hygiene with this is very important.

The more you just pluck those hairs, the thicker they will become and the more you will grow as I found the hard way.

I am actually housebound with the same problem as you and am using a one-touch on the coarser hairs; the needle is really proving too thick for finer hairs. I wish so much I could go to a salon for professional electrolysis.

LA girl, Those photographs are truly inspiring and will hopefully help Herlady to realise that her situation is not a lost cause.

Hi Herlady,

I understand your pain as i had a similar problem to you and same thoughts as you. I did not come out of my house for months until i found my solution with electrolysis, which changed my life and now i am an electrologist helping people, but really Herlady from what you have said you really haven’t tried any form of permanent hair removal.
If i were you i would go and get a blood test to make sure it is not a hormonal condition. Once you have done that and you have ruled out the possibility of it being hormonal condition, then you should look for a permanent solution like getting electrolysis or laser done.
I have worked on alot of females in a similar situation as you and have been very successful.

Good luck