I need your help NOVA

In Hinkel’s materials, he has a VHS video-tape recording of a program NOVA aired sometime in the 1960s. It’s called “Hair,” and it’s good. I’m trying to find the original link, if it exists on-line, so I can direct people to it.

I’m searching … I would love to have you all try to find it as well. If we can’t find it, I’ll put the whole thing on Youtube. I’ll probably get copyright notified; buy maybe not? I think Fenix will be able to help on this issue. Thanks in advance.

I think the only way to find something like this is to write a letter of inquiry to NOVA studios. I’m not well versed on copyright laws but from what I gather anything created before 1978 only has copyright protection of 28 years unless the owners kept extending the protection. Anything after 1978, copyright protection lasts lifetime of the creator + 70 years after the death of the creator. I looked at NOVA’s website and they only keep broadcast archives starting from 1996, nothing earlier.
I have a feeling no one at NOVA will care about a video on hair from 1960s unless you start making profits off it.

I have similar understanding. I’ll check further and put up the video without monetizing. Unfortunately, however, Google places ads on videos even when you specify “no ads” … they make the money and you get nothing. (“Big money,” one penny per view … ha!). I suppose I’ll do it anyway and delete it if the Obermeisters tell me I can’t? Being an old VHS, it needs some cleaning up too. “Not ready for prime time just yet.”

Hey Mike, the NOVA series didn’t start until 1974. Is it possible it was a different show similar to NOVA or a much older episode?

Wikipedia says that much of what was on NOVA was actually edited versions of programs sourced from elsewhere such as the BBC.

Can you give us a bit of info about the video as it might help us narrow things down.
Is it just all about hair?
Are there other segments before or after it in the episode that are about other topics? If yes, what?
Do you know who the host or recognize the narrators voice?

I dug deeper…
Any of these look like it?
[https://fb.watch/9n0qcEej2e/](https://Video 1)
[https://fb.watch/9n0obZEKB5/](https://Video 2)
[https://fb.watch/9n0xgmzb_6/](https://Video 3)

I would almost bet 100 bucks this is the one Mike!
(1960s Educational Film on Hair, Follicle, HD - YouTube)
I stayed up way too late to look for it!
In the comments it has info for a way to order rights to use it I think.

You’ve done a grand job of searching … Good to know the dates. I’ll keep looking! Well done.

Hey Mike, I think you may have commented before seeing this last one. Check this snippit… and then this one… both from the same video.

The company who owns this rights is listed in the YouTube listing and it looks like they can be contacted. Maybe they would be willing to allow you to use it.

If these aren’t it could you share a screenshot of part of it?

You’re awesome … Thanks for this (not the video we’re working on) … but a very good and simple explanation, indeed. Have you started at Monterey yet?

Yes I started at MBIE at the end of October. I’m just finishing up Chapter 4 out of 14. Should be heading down to live in Monterey for a few months there starting the first of February. Maybe we’ll cross paths. Would love to find some experienced and talented electrologists when I’m down that way who would allow me to come watch their craft in action. I’m not having luck up this way so far. If you like having new students around let me know. I want to soak up as much info as I possibly can in every facet of this industry.

Back to the video you are looking for, does it also have children in it and some bits showing people in a hair salon? Does it feature at some point a small girl with her hair in plastic curlers in it and a woman with curlers hooked up to wires?

Thanks again for your enthusiasm … it’s so refreshing and welcome.
At the moment, the tape broke so repairs are on the way … I’ve only seen a tiny bit. We also bought a transfer device to eliminate a couple steps in the digitization process. Once we get it going, I’ll take some screen shots and post them here for potential identification.

Found it and not going to bother posting it to Youtube … already there. Somewhat interesting, but focused on balding. Notice that the hair shedding cycle is certainly missing important points (that were actually already known at the time of this video … ooops). Sex, Lies and Toupee Tape - YouTube