i need ur help guys ... it's a great matter

hi every one …

I have a lot of thick black hair in every inch… and it shocks me every time I do waxing or anything…it’s only a week and it grows as thick as ever … so I decided to find a way that makes free from hair “or at least some of it” it makes me sad…

I read that electrolysis machines are the best while they are used right……

of course I want to let a specialist do this ,cos I have no knowledge … but it will cost me a lot … and I don’t have the budgetary … cos I want to do it on ALL my body >_< …

I fount that " Do-It-Your-Self " is the only way “sigh”……

what about this one :
never shave again
it’s cheap and I can afford it, they said it is not painful ,leaves no damages ,treats an area not a single hair ,clinically proven and it’s like a dream, but is that true???

what if I bought a great machine like the one Kathy mentioned here…is it better?
the link
it’s too expensive for me… it’s great for beginners as she said … what about ur opinion??

I want u to advice me pleeeeese … I decided to go on with this “do it ur self machines” … I need to , and I need ur experience and thoughts ……. As fast as u can^____^
BE FREE to giud me to the best results

thanks in advance…

well, so i’ve read it looks like all those types of things are scams… u cant just use a magical patch and get rid of hair. u either have to go to a professional and get it lazered or if u are on a buget and want to do it yourself, the only way to go is the One Touch product. I still haven’t tried it because I want to buy it from a store rather than online but I haven’t found a place. That’s just my 2 cents

look the one touch thingy is the only thing that works permenantly, it requires effort and commitment, but if your in no rush and take it easy in the end youll get there, and when it feels good when the hair doesnt grow back!!

hey lena… i feel your pain and after seeing that website… it looks almost too good to be true… but i dont know anything about these things… but i am really considering buying a good machine if it will save me costs from going to electrolysis… but i will probably go to them first, see how it goes and then maybe get a machine… and did the website say 99$?? that is not that bad!!

keep me posted lena! and good luck!