I need someone effective and efficient


Hello, I am new to the forum so please be patient. I have been very frustrated with the lack of good service. I am trying to find a competent person. I am asking consumers out there, please if you have had successful treatment, I mean, you are done and happy, please let me know where you may have gone for electrolysis. I live in Erie, but I am willing to travel anywhere in Ohio, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania. I have tried to clear my forearms and chin and have spent over $5,000. I have a decent electrologist now, but I know that she is not clearing the entire area, it is taking forever. Also, I already have hair growing in the scabs she left on my arms, so I know that she is not actually killing a lot of it. The hair is medium and not really all that much, it is not a hormone issue either. I want to know if there is a practitioner out there that is competent, willing to spend the needed time, and most importantly effective. I am getting very frustrated and have put myself out of a lot of money, there is a little bit of progress but at this rate, I will never be able to complete this. I wanted to move on to other areas (bikini line) but it just seems impossible. I mean, doesn’t that seem like an awful long time, I have had over 1 1/2 years of treatment, I should have had clearance by now. Looking for a good electrologist and was hoping for some help. Thanks so much, I cannot believe how difficult this is. I just want to be done… I know I may have to deal with a few strays here and there, but this is ridiculous. Thanks in advance for your replies.