I need some opinions on the AURORA SYNERON

I am debating getting laser hair removal for the first time. The medical center near me uses the Aurora Syneron. I need some honest opinions on this laser. It seems kind of cheap, evern too cheap to be good.

I have dark toned skin and dark hair. Is this a good laser? Are their better lasers out there? I NEED SOME HONEST OPINIONS PLEASE. THANK YOU ALL

The Aurora works very well on dark skin. But it is possible your skin is too dark to use the Aurora. The best way to tell is to get a test patch. That is how I found out that the skin on my lower legs is too dark for the Aurora. I will have a test patch with a Nd:YAG laser next year to see if it can be used.

My practitioner believes that the Nd:YAG lasers like the Sciton and Coolglide are best for the darkest skin types.

Also find out how much experience the practitioner has. That is just as important as the device being used.