I need major advice


I am a 23 year old male and I am extremely hairy like Robin Williams. I used to not mind my hair until some women told me that im very hairy. I used to have alot of girlfriends but lately ive been ashamed to even go up to women cause I know in the long run ill have to take off my shirt for sex. I dont even wanna approach them cause I feel ugly. I think about my body hair everyday and I feel like I cant get any girl in the world cause im 2 ugly. How come people like Robin Williams dont care about their hair? Are they just secure in themselves? I was wondering if laser hair removal is a scam or not. Is it permanent cause if im gonna spend 2,500 for treatments it better be. Also I went to hair removal clinic and got test patch done. I am light skinned with black body hair and weeks after the test patch I noticed that all the hair growth was exactly the same as before–is that a bad sign? Should I just be like Robin Williams and deal with it? Will I ever get a girlfriend again if im so ashamed of myself?


it’s not a bad sign, hair won’t be permanently removed after just one treatment.
I would suggest you try to wax yourself first, and see if you really enjoy the smooth feeling.


Hello madhairy,

          I can only speak for myself, i was a complete animal at age 20, i had thick dark hair on my complete body from my toes to my head and the hair grew as long as 3 inchs everywhere.    Three years ago i started using laser on my back and other areas as well.   So far i have had 12 back, shoulders, neck, upperarms treatments & the rest of my body 7 treatments.  As i sit here in disgust i am still a complete animal, i have the same problem as when i started  hair everywhere.   I,ll probably give up laser in a couple more years, i can keep on getting laser as long as i want at no more cost until i give up.   Laser is the only chance i have to look and live like a normal person and its been a complete failure so far.    If i were you i would save your $$$ for now and pray for something better in the future.


Please, tell us the kind of laser. Read those posts from RJC2001. He got a good results with Lightsheer Diode Laser. This laser look to have the better results. I got a test patch like two months ago with Alexandrite and Diode lasers and the area treated with Diode looks amazing. That area is like 90% without hair. The Alexandrite laser looks well too but the Diode Laser looks that is working better.