I need Josefaa

Can I have an appointment with Josefa Macias Reina ? I can’t find a way to contact her, need her help

I need her too, we all need her :joy:

You can reach her via her YouTube channel:

Josepha comes on hairtell when she can, which isnt often. A private message to her may garner some results. She doesnt leave an email anywhere on the web because she gets inundated with asks for electrolysis, and she usually isn’t available but there’s no harm in asking, as I have on rare occasion seen her take on cases she feels passionate about.

How can I send her a private message ?

@Myms here is her email: ded_elite@hotmail.com

@Boulette Here it goes: ded_elite@hotmail.com

Already tried, no reply lol

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Sorry @Myms please try this phone number 952-104-025.

@mcfigueroa84 whose number is that ?

Hi, have you reached her since then ?