I need help!

While waxing my eyebrows this morning, I accidently dripped a large dollop on a large section of my upper eyelashes. I can’t get this stuff out! I’m afraid to use anything harsh since it’s near my eyes and don’t know what to do! Should I just pluck them out? Or is there anyway to save them? Oh, God, this is horrible… :frowning:

You should speak with a healthcare professional about this.

They may suggest using an edible oil to loosen the wax, but I would strongly advise you to have them look at it for you.

Consumers should avoid hot or caustic chemicals near the eyes.

For more eye safety during hair removal, please see:



Well, my doctor said to try softening it by putting a warm washcloth over my eye, then use olive oil to try to get it out. I was able to get a little bit out using this method, but unfortunately, I ended up losing a pretty large chunk in the center. I’m getting pretty good at glueing on false ones while I’m waiting for them to grow in. I will definately be more careful when waxing my eyebrows in the future! Hope this info helps someone in the future!

I was just wondering if using a wax equipment cleaner may help if used in the correct manner with extreme care. I haven’t tried this but was just wondering if it would help.

Don’t use the equipment cleaner for that…your best bet is to use baby oil.
It’s made for babies so it’s gentle and I use it in my waxing services at the salon to fix little problems like you just had.

In fact a couple nights ago I dropped a dollop of wax right in the middle of someone’s hitler moustache that she wanted to keep while doing a Brazilian Biking Wax…I just put a lot of baby oil on the wax dollop and massaged it in repeatedly and the next thing you know the wax just slid off the hair.

I used to use baby oil to remove waterproof mascara and my eye guy told me to use it so I figure it’s okay for what you wanted.