I Need Advice

Sorry if I’m putting this in the wrong place and it might be a little long so bear with me. I posted on here before about the same thing but that was quite a while ago. Anyway I’m almost 14 and am literally covered from head to toe with dark hair. I really want to ask my mom for electrolysis but everytime I try to, I just chicken out. I think I’m worried that she’ll say no or say its no big deal even though its very noticeable and it makes me really scared to even leave the house which is stupid I know, but still it really bothers me. Does anyone have any advice on how to ask her or what to do? I would just like to have my face and neck cleared because I think thats where its the worst besisdes my stomach. I have an endocrinologist(sp?) appointment in about a week (I have thyroid problems) and I was thinking of asking him if he knew anyone but I’d like to tell my mom first, I just don’t know how. Our money is a little tight so I’m worried it will be to expensive and she’ll say no I just don’t know what to do and I’m sick of this. I’ve tried shaving, it doesn’t work for me. I know not to wax or pluck and I don’t fancy the idea of bleaching my face so I don’t know what else there is. If anyone has tips on how to approach my mom please share with me? I probably making this bigger than it has to be but I don’t have the best relationship with her and shes’s practically hairless so I don’t think shes knows what its like.


I don’t think it would hurt to discuss your feelings with your mother.

My personal opinion is that you should try to get your thyroid problems straightened out before thinking about getting electrolysis. Perhaps if you got that straightened out and your hormones at a normal level the hair problem will become less. All women have body hair, but most of it is of the finer vellus type. By normalizing your hormones hopefully your body hair would return to that type.

By all means let your mom know this is bothering you though.

Good luck!


Hi, thanks for replying, I guess I should just talk to her I’m just nervous that she’ll say no, thats just the way my mom is. I don’t really think its my thyroid anymore because my brother has just as much hair in the same places yet no thyroid problems and my sister whos around 7 looks like shes devoloping the same problem so I’m thinking its hereditary from my dad’s side because hes quite hairy. I don’t really know why I have so much hair, would that be something my doctor could tell me?

if you really have a lot, you most likely have an underlying condition that is causing it. you’re female, so you can’t compare to your brother. you should first and foremost get checked with a good endocrinologist because there might be medicine you can take to help prevent new growth. only after that you can continue to look into electrolysis. you can prevent wasting a lot of money that you sound like you don’t have by taking the necessary precautions to make sure you don’t have underlying conditions. i believe a thyroid problem is one of those conditions that actually can cause more hair. so it’s probable, don’t rule it out.

Many people who think they have a thyroid problem really only have exhausted adrenal glands that are causeing their thyroids to have to work overtime. The good news is exhausted adrenals can easily be corrected with lifestyle changes like more L-Glutamine, elimination of Caffeine, elimination of nicotine, and short term use of an adrenal booster supplement.