I need advice on choosing a laser type!!

Hey everyone,

I’m a 23 yr old white male and am wanting to get my chest lasered. I have quite dense, course dark hair on it, with deep/dark roots, so I think I would be a good candidate…

I’m trying to choose a practitioner and am mainly basing the decision on what laser type would work best. From what it seems everyone is using the EC Diode laser, but I know a very reputable dermatologist who uses the NG Yag laser. Can anyone recommend a laser type that would tend to work better on my type of situation? (Darker/denser hair, deep roots, light skin)


My understanding is that the Yag is for people w/ dark skin.

I found the Alexandrite Candela Gentle Laze was amazing because it didn’t require anesthetics. It sprays cryogen which numbs your skin, and is virtually painless. This saves time, too because you don’t have to wrap yourself in plastic and wait for an hour before treatment with numbing cream.

Which is more effective might depend on how your body reacts. One might work better than another with you. that’s why, ideally you’re doctor would have both. There’s no guarantees any laser will work, unfortunately.

I don’t know the studdies; I’d look at Hairfacts.com to see ifyou can get hard facts. These are just my personal observations.

My dermatologist uses the NdYag for all skin types. I am a type 2-3. When I started treatments, my skin was very light with dark dense hair.

Good luck

Thanks for the info…

Do you find that the Yag works well for you?? What % hair reduction have you had so far, and how many treatments??

I have very light skin and very dark, course hair. I began treatments with the LightSheer Diode back in December. Three treatments into it and so far I’m very pleased with the results.

When searching around I looked into three different places, each using different lasers. I eventually chose the Lightsheer because I hear so much about it having good results on my skin/hair type. Thus far I am happy with my choice.

I’ve heard the wave length varies, and that a longer length will penetrate better into the root… is this true? does the YAG have the longest wave length

Since you guys have done lot of research may be you can shed some light on me.

I have tanned skin (asian) don’t know whats my skin type but would like to know how should I select the lazer, the energy level etc…

Is there any informative website on selecting the different parameters selection for making my lazer treatment effective :?

Have a nice day!!!

Hi hoodieguy,
I am being treated with the Sciton Image long pulse width Nd:YAG 1064 laser ( www.sciton.com)..)
I have another post on this forum that talks about my progress so far. I have had 4 underarm and abdomen treatments now and 3 chin/upper lip treatments. Things are looking great right now. I’ll have to ask my tech about the settings the next time I go in and if she tells me, I’ll post them.

From what I’ve read, the NdYAG has the longest wavelength out there. This page is very informative, although I don’t see where they mentioned the wavelength of the NdYag which is 1064…


Check it out for information on the different types of lasers and their wavelengths and how they work.

Good luck!

My first laser treatment was on my chest with the Apogee alexandrite. When I started my chest hair was so thick I could hardly see my skin. I achieved 50% reduction after only one treatment. On later treatments the Apogee was not quite as effective. My practitioner switched over to the Lightsheer and it worked quite a bit better on the finer hairs that remained after the Apogee treatments.

If you have light skin and coarse dark hair I would start with the Lightsheer. I would expect very good results with it.
I had some troubles with hair on the sides of my chest where the Lighsheer did not work as well. A few more treatments at a higher fluence and long pulse widths would have probably helped. I also had some white hairs that did not respond at all which is normal. I switched to the Aurora. It got some of the white hairs but did not do that much on the sides. I am having electrolysis there and am virtually hair free in the chest area now.

The hair that I use to have on the sides of my chest exits the skin at an angle. Then follicles seem to reside deeper in the skin there. It is possible that a Nd:YAG laser would work better there than
the Lightsheer because the 1064nm wave- length penetrates deeper into the skin.


First of all Nd-Yag works for any skin type, but it is more painful in comparison to Alexandrite laser. Candela GentleLase Plus is one of the better machines for you type. It is less painful, faster and just as effective.

Hi hoodieguy -

You sound in a similar position to me. I’m 22, with pale(ish) skin and dark hair. I’ve had 3 treatments with the Altus CoolGlide ND-Yag, and so far things look good.

For what it’s worth…
Over here laser is only just starting to take off, so the lasers in the clinics have only been bought recently. The majority of clinics seem to be choosing the CoolGlide.

I found the Apogee alexandrite to be the most painful laser, the Lightsheer diode laser to be next most painful, then the Sciton Nd:YAG. Is this something that will vary from person to person? The pain level was tolerable on all devices, but the Apogee was definitley the worst.