i need a wax guru


ok, i’m a 17 yr old who has shaved all my life. i’d like to try waxing my underarms, but i need to know a few things first.
-how much will it cost me for a decent, yet not pricey wax job?
-what will it look like once they’ve waxed three or four times? will it look smooth, or will people be able to tell that i shaved before i discovered waxing? (basically, how long will looking good take?)
-and finally, are there any suggestions as to what i can use at home that is cost effective and gives me the results i want? are there any tips or advice that i should know before i jump into the waxing world?
thanks so much for your time-



You shouldn’t have to pay too much for waxing the armpits, I’ve gotten areas much larger than that doen and it did not cost more than $30 or $35 dollars.

You will notice that when the hair grows back it is not blunt like shaved hair but more natural and yes it will feel a littel smoother but you probablty will not notice a big difference in the quantity of hair that grows back.

If you want to do it at home I really don’t think you will be succesfull at it alone. If you have a good friend you could trade off. A home waxing kit should not run you more than $10 -$15 and will last you for months.

You’ll like it I’m sure which ever way you go.


Jonny is right. You should try a pro wax first to see what you think, and if you like the look and feel you can either buy a come waxing kit or a rotary epilator (which hurts a little more but is less hassle).

Waxing your armpits by yourself just takes a little practice. The main trick is not to move your armpit once you’ve applied the wax and strip. This just takes a little planning to have everything close by, Moving your armpit can loosen the grip the wax has on your hairs.


thank you so much!! you two have been very helpful. i’m still welcoming any new suggestions and i wanted to know how many years waxing will take until i no longer have hair on my underarms. and i want to know if it will look smooth after waxing a few times. regular skin smooth- and not bumpy like shaving makes it. thanks again-

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Sorry to say waxing not lead to hair inhibition. Your hair growth will most likely be the same as when you started no matter how low you wax. Other wise i would wax til the cows came home. :grin: ,
but after a few waxings try an epilator, OR i’d say go ahead and get electrolysis. THis is a great area to get that done b/c it’s a smaller area. Might cost you a grand, but heck, you’d never have hair there again.


Hi Rubber,
I to wanted to wax my pits a year ago so I grew the hair for about 2 weeks and got it done professionally. OK let me just warn you the first one hurt a lot :fearful: , but after that it does hurt as much till it does hurt at all. Now I still wax but only every 2 months waxing has really improved the amount of hair. I recommend going to a salon for awhile till you get the hang of it then have some friend(that you trust a lot) try it.