I love lightsheer

Ok might be dumb, but I need a moment to just express how happy I have been with Lightsheer and my results. I would just yack in my boyfriend’s ear about it but I doubt he will like that!

For 4 years since I was 21 I have woken up every morning and dragged a flippin razor across my friggin aggravated face and caked on mountains worth of foundation :angry: I am on my 3rd treatment with Lightsheer and now the hair is not showing through my makeup anymore and I’m wearing less of it! I feel so much cleaner and brighter.

Hair on any women’s face is just so down right detrimental to self esteem. I am now feeling very positive, energetic, beautiful and I’m glowing again! You know it just got to the point that any beauty I had was just being blocked out by that cloud, that cloud being lifted is so far so worth the money and time investment for me.

Even if some hair starts coming back after final treatment, I will at least be able to keep up on the new stuff with electrolysis and it will be much much much more manageable. The laser has provided a quick and much needed reprieve from the daily razor burn. Like many people, I was becoming a major recluse, either I didn’t have the mental energy to shave and cake on that all that mud, or I just didn’t have the energy to go show my face in public period.

I even hated flying anywhere! Sounds stupid but I hated walking on a plane and being in front of a hundred or more people and getting strange looks as I would be standing in the crowd waiting for my chance to get my carry on in the bin and take my seat and the whole time I would be sweating bullets which in turn would uplift my makeup and make my shadows even more noticeable. All I wanted to do was find my seat, slouch down in it, and turn my face toward the window that is if I was lucky enough to get a window seat. Miserable! :frowning:

I am flying in two weeks now, and this time I won’t be sweating, and a window seat? No way! :grin:

For all of the window seat women out there, I just wanted to share that.

nice 1 jgirl, i’m from naperville…

i’ll be flying into england for new years. then from there i b flyin into amsterdam. my mate lives in england u see. u wanna talk to him?

I’m so happy the laser treatment is working so well, JGirl! Hope your self esteem stays flying high! (sorry couldn’t resist) :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s great to hear another success story with the Lightsheer. The Lighsheer diode laser rules!


Yeah, we have a lot of locals on this board tiny.

Hey jgirl i feel like you! i had my 2nd treatment and almost 60% of my hair is gone! my first treatment was very painful and they burned my skin i was pretty scared but when i saw my face after 2 weeks i coudn’t beleive it! for the first time in 12 years i touched my smouth and delicate skin. So, but i have a questio for you, my 2nd treatement was less painful and they didn’t damaged my skin and the results were less effective, is that normal? how was your expirience?
Please, keep telling about your experience.

cool jgirl.

chicago is great and naperville is a wonderfull place to live.

ps. i’ll be leaving soon… the 30th i fly to england then to amsterdam

so i’ll be gone till the 7th or so:) hope to here from u and andrea (chicago cubs fans) some more when i get back lol

boo 2 the bears this year!