I know that hair!

We all have them ( and love them) . They are THAT client. The lovely old gal who comes in for a "few " chin and neck hairs and a bit on their upper lip. Never horribly long treatments. Take your time and do it right kind of client. I’m going to call this one “Frannie” ( not her real name) and she came in an hour ago for her bi-weekly treatment. She runs off to Florida in the winter and will be leaving this year after christmas.She plucks when down south , and I’ve warned her of the hazards of this. I know I wont get through, but some clients are just like that. It’s okay Seana Breath Deep
Several months ago Frannie complained to me about one hair that "always seemed to come back " a week later. We all know the story, and I related to her at that time that what I thought it was, was likely several hairs growing in at different times in the same general area. This has continued on now for 3 or 4 months, last week I took out a big Grey hair in the same general region and I used 5 or 6 pulses in all different spots in the follicle… I did warn her of the potential for a minor scar and she was adamant I “Kill it dead”.
Well, it’s now 2 weeks later. She comes in today triumphant that she was “proving me wrong” . There on the neck where I treated her 2 weeks ago was a now BLACK anagen hair ( course). I could also see about half a centimeter away, the follicle I treated ( overtreated) 2 weeks ago. And between them, a slightly redder patch I had chalked up to her bothering the hair and inflamation initially. It isnt. It’s a bloody mole!!!
For anyone who isnt aware, Moles are prolific producers of…Course Deep hairs . I have some clients that get 3 or 4 large hairs from very sizeable moles. This one, only produces on average one every 2 weeks. I’m just vastly amused because we’ve all heard the "I know that hair! You killed that hair last week! story so many times. For those that dont know, short of breaking the hair in the follicle, this isnt possible.

I just thought I’d share this humorous little story today. I’m not getting much time here on hairtell lately my clients are keeping me so busy I’ve had to turn away some new clients. Hope everyone has a safe healthy and happy holiday season this year.