I just found a professional machine on ebay, going for real cheap

it’s still got 4 days to go,

I’m not sure, but sounds like a good deal? I like the one touch so I’m NOT bidding on it.

web page any opinions on it? for 30 bucks I guess ya can’t go wrong??

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Now that is using your noggen!
Search the Ebays of the web and find some pro units for sale.

Unfortunately, this machine, the Instantron SS-69 is a thermolysis only unit. It will work, but you would have to really know how to do your settings, and you would insert first, with no help from the machine, and hit the foot pedal when you think you got the probe properly positioned. Then you hope that you did it right because in a fraction of a second the treatment area is flash cooked.

If you do the setting too high, or miss on your insertion, you have just overcooked yourelf, or scarred an area of skin.

Post the info on the pro units you find, and I will give you what ever info I can give you on them.

PS, The seller of this item must have a lawyer in the family. All that babble about verifying your ability to legally purchase the unit is certainly for the local police agencies consumption. It is true that as an FDA registered medical device, the sale and purchase of pro electrolysis devices is limited to those who are legally allowed to sell the service in a particular state (if your state licenses the practice of electrology, you are not supposed to be able to buy a machine without PREVIOUSLY qualifying for the license) of course, do you really think any one is checking on this one? Just make sure that you don’t start charging your local cheerleading squad for doing their legs, and you will stay out of trouble :stuck_out_tongue: