i have my test patch tomorrow help

im going in for a test patch up o my upper lip tomorrow

im so nervous as i’ve had bad skin reactions to electrolysis in the past

what i would like to know is if the following post treatment is ok

i plan on taking an ice ack with me so immediately i can ice the area (covered in a wrap first)

then put aloe vera gel on?

i have purchased witch hazel too and i have tea tree oil, when sould i use these producrs?

any advice would be great
the last time i had treatment in 2008 i reacted quite badly, my skins swelled for at least 2 weeks and it caused wrinkle lines

many thanks

Teatree oil has the most effect in the first three days. The ice pack is a good idea. Also in the first week, washing with plain old soap and water, or warm facecloth applied to the area helps immensely.
After the first three days swtich from the Teatree oil to Aloe Vera Gel. Use that as long as you like. I havent used witch hazel, so dont have an opinion on it.


thanks Seana

so is aloe vera gel not effective in te first few days?

it’s fine. What it doesn’t do though is much to clear the folicle of the white blood cells that are normally present in the first 2-3 days.These can cause scabbing sometimes, but not always. Teatree oil gives it a wet environment to help prevent a scab from forming, which may or may not even happen depending on the treatment.
The warm water facecloth, soap and water, do help clear out the “junk” as I’ve heard Michael refer to it. The Aloe vera is a good skin conditioner, and helps the skin after the other stuff has already done it’s work.


I wouldn’t overtreat it. Upper lip is sensitive. I would make sure they don’t treat the same general area for longer than 15 mins or so. Icing and putting on some tea tree oil is good. It can be drying, so don’t use too much or too often.

I heard icing the treated areas post electrolysis isn’t recommended. I cannot remember where I heard this or why, but it has always stuck with me.

My electrologist says it’s fine and can help reduce swelling… so yea

That’s good to know. It seems logical to me because of the swelling.

Thanks all

So if I apply tea tree around three times a day for the first three days
When should witch hazel come into play?

While you could use Aloe Vera 3 times a day, using tea tree oil 3 times a day for 3 days would be a perfect way to see what happens when you use too much of the stuff. The skin gets white, flakey and dry, and you will be back here saying that tea tree oil is too strong for your skin, and we will be telling you to use Aloe Vera 3 to 6 times a day to speed the reversal of your overuse of the tea tree oil.

Ice is ok, you are just supposed to have something between your skin and the ice. So ice wrapped in a wash clothe or a cold pack in a terrycloth towel are recommended. It is only for swelling, so if you have no swelling, no need for ice.

I make my aloe vera do double duty. Since real Aloe must be refrigerated after opening, I let the cold Aloe take the place of ice for me. Another good thing for swelling is a natural item you can find in your homeopathic section called Arnica Montana. Many of the surgeons I work with use it for post surgery, and have their patients popping them like skittles. The strength of the pills comes in 6 12 and 30, needless to say, just get the 30 if you can find it. Got that, Arnica Montana 30. I have actually seen them sold in Wal-Mart Pharmacy, and The Vitamin Shoppe.

Thanks James I had my test patch this nothing, I’m in the UK

My e put tea tree and them aloe on

I came home, iced the area for a while then aloe again

I’ll use aloe throughout day then tea tree at night

Thanks for your advice, if all heals nicely I will start my proper sessions