i hate hair!

ive always had a problem wiv excessive hair growth, and have just found out i have pcos.ive been put on dianette to regulate my periods and help with the hair growth, but the problem is i have sooo much hair, and i cant think of anywhere on my body where there isnt lots of hair :frowning: i would never dream of letting any1 see or touch me naked as they would be disgusted! it really is that bad!!! please help i dont know what to do!

ps im asian so my hair is black aswell.

thanx4 reading!! x

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Dear “Plucked”:

It always pains me to hear about people like yourself, who in turning inwards because of the problem, cut themselves off from the solution. Unfortunately, the furious plucking you have engaged in has, and will only continue to make the situation worse. You must stop that right away! You need to find the best electrologist in your area, AND you need to co-operate with your doctor to bring this under control, and remove all the hair that offends you.

The scars you speak of are most likely from the combination of daily plucking, shaving and exfoliation leading to skin tramma overload. You will only be rid of this problem by utilizing methods that will cause the least irritation, while not stimulating further growth, and allow your skin healing time.

I know this is little consolation to you, but men don’t really find this as horrible as you think. The fact that your body grows hair this way is not something a man holds against you. What you do about it is what he uses to measure your character and level of personal pride. It would be totally acceptable to most men that you shave while you attend to any permanent solution that will one day leave you with nothing to shave.

I will ask those people I know in the state of Alabama to give me names to give you, but I can’t be sure that I will be able to find anyone in your area. The only people I know in that state are in Decatur, and Montgomery.

Please take steps now to end your suffering. You will be so glad you did in a very short time. After that, you will find this whole thing to be just a distant memory. If I could, I would do your work myself, but when I am in Alabama, I an never anywhere near Birmingham, and I wouldn’t be there for more than a month (although that would be enough time to get you to a great start)

We will do our best to help you find someone. You just have to do your part and let your doctor do what he can. He of all people will not judge you for this.

Dear PluckedChicken,

I’m so sorry you feel this way about yourself. What I suggest is remove it by shaving and in the meantime like James Walker said go to a professional electrologist in your area. Start with your face since this is the first place which is the most noticeable. The sooner you start to take control the better you will feel. I have been on the road to hair removal now for the past few years. For me it seems to be taking longer than I expected. It will not be a quick fix but it will certainly make you feel better and eventually you will have less hair. Shop around, go to a few different electrologist before you decide because some have more experience than others. Please also get the medical help you need. Don’t be afraid to speak up to the doctors they have seen excessive hair before and will be able to guide you on the right path. The doctors can regulate your hormones and maybe prescribe Aldactone to help with the hair. Be strong, it’s your body and you should do all you can to take control of it. Go in there and say doctor I have hair all over me why! just like that don’t be shy. Love yourself no matter what and in the meantime shave the hair and don’t let it keep you from enjoying life.

Hi Pluckedchicken–

I echo thje others who have responded with support. Besides regulating your periods, you will need to get your androgen levels dealt with. You should definitely speak to your doctor about antiandrogens, which have pros and cons. Some women with PCOS have a glucose intolerance which can also affect hair growth. Some have had luck with Metformin and other drugs.

Some of the other posts on PCOS have some encouraging advice, and I also highly recommend PCO Support:


Best of luck, and let us know if you have any questions.

I’m so sorry. I know what you are going through. I am 17 and have PCOS. My mom felt really bad because I felt the way you did, and she got me help. I suggest you do the same. You just have to remember, the doctor is there to help you, so you shouldn’t have to be embarassed. I was too at first, until I went and saw him. He gave me aldactone and I started getting laser treatments (and still am) and it has REALLY been helping. I had hair everywhere! Laser treatments help tremendously…the thicker the hair, the better it works. Another thing I should let you know is that you must more than anything go see the doctor, because pills such as aldactone stop hair growth and the only way the hair removal will be affective is with such pills…, not just the lasering. I wish you the best of luck. It takes time. I am still in the process, but it is all worth it. :smile: