I had my first bikini lightsheer, & was wondering if

I had my 1st lightsheer treatment thursday the June 26 I had en EXTREME bikini done I only have a small patch left!
I used Lidocain ointment to numb it. It kind of felt like an epilady (the hair removal divice) like the hair was being pulled out
She said it’s her first time to go that extreme.
She set it for 37 for the top & outsides
25 for the insides (she didn’t want to go to high)
there was some bumps and black dots she said that it that was the reaction she was looking for.
but it lasted for under 15 minutes.

anywhere my Question

I can still see the all the hair and they look normal to me all over includeing the 37 power.
she said it takes up to 2 weeks for the hair to fall out.
it just looks like its growing back in.
I pulled on one just to see and it still really connected. IS THIS NORMAL???
thanks Sally D

Hi Sally,

When I had my legs done the hair did indeed appear to “grow back” for about 8-10 days, and did feel like it was still attached when it was tugged, causing me no end of concern… Then it just all fell out. After about 2 weeks it was gone.

It needs time to “shed”, but it is rather worrying when it works its way out at the same rate that it normally grows…

Hang in there, and give it at least 2 weeks before you start to worry.

If it still hasn’t shed by 2-3 weeks, then maybe it hasn’t worked on you.

Hope this helps,

Fleabag :wink:

This is also a good time to start interviewing electrologists for that time when they tell you that you need to “Finish with electrolysis” for the white and clear hairs that will begin to show up in six to nine months.

thank you you been very helpful
its been 5 days and still feels normal I guess I’ll have to wait and see thanks again

After 25 years in the electrology profession and the experience of seeing thousands of patients with all sorts of hair problems I am extremely familiar with the anguish of the patients with this problem. This board and others have posted comments about the potential seriousness of the medical problem that causes the hair to grow.

It boggles my mind why patients try to treat themselves when the treatments are covered by their medical insurance. In addition, there are now articles in medical journals about the fact hair removal lasers can cause MELANOMAS (a potentially fatal skin cancer). “Lentigo Maligna” is the name given to benign brown spots and freckles that CONVERT to MELANOMAS when exposed to lasers. The power used was only “6 joules”, whereas, the power used to remove hair is “50-60 joules” (this is a measurement of the power used. It is calculated by multiplying watts X time). Many of these patients will die of a brain tumor in 3 years. At present there is no way to know how many patients who were exposed to lasers have already died because they were not treated by doctors who know how to diagnose these cancers. “Technicians” who do this work in spas, electrolysis offices, and other places are not capeable of making this diagnosis and patients treated a few years ago never come back, therefore, there is no way to know how many hair removal patients died as a result of their TREATMENT.

Hair Removal Lasers have been around for about 10 years and a few thousand patients have tried it only to find their hair regrew. Most of the noise about lasers has been made by people who have a vested interst in selling them and by electrologists and skin care salons who also use these devices. It is illegal to use them unless you are a doctor. If you are a doctor’s employee and do this, the doctor MUST stand there and supervise the procedure (these are the words of FDA).


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Please post links to the medical journals to back up the assertions you are making.

I have never heard of a correlation between IR light exposure and skin cancer. The only correlations I know of have been between UV light and skin cancer.

BTW, I have no fincancial interest in any laser enterprise. I’m just a very satisfied patient.

The claims that you make are so strong I have to be a little skeptical.


I wonder if typewriter salesmen said the same things about computers before they finally went the way of the Dinosaur?

</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”> Hair Removal Lasers have been around for about 10 years and a few thousand patients have tried it only to find their hair regrew. </font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>I think that would be in the tens if not hundreds of thousands that have tried ( and are happy!) with their laser results. My hair has not grown back for 5 years, I don’t think it is coming back!

As far as lasers causing skin cancer. This has not been proven. Everyone should be aware of their own body and keep track of their skin and any changes in moles or freckles, and get to a doctor if there are changes.

I tried electrolysis for years and years. It never did work very well and left me with scars.
Laser with the Light Sheer diode laser was wonderful. The speed and the kill rate cannot be compared to electrolysis. I am sitting here looking at my baby smooth legs and thanking God that I found my “laser lady”. It truely is a Godsend and has changed my life for the better forever.