I had both done.

I had both IPL/RF and electrolysis done in one day. I was able to schedule an extra Aurora appointment yesterday morning. My lower back and most of my upper arms were finished and I had some time left over so I said “how about some more eletrolysis.” My practitioner agreed so we went right over to the room where the electrolysis machine is located. I didn’t even stop to put my shirt on.

I had the white hairs on my chest removed with electrolyis and they should all be just about gone by now. Anything that appears in the future is probably dormant hairs entering the growth stage and they will be blasted also.

That had to be one of the most productive hair removal sessions I have had to date.


Right on, congratulations!


RJC, you are my dream consumer-- someone willing to try out the new stuff and report back on the results. Thanks as always for helping others by sharing your extensive first-hand experiences!