I had a test patch with diode laser, but IPL seems to work better.

I have brown skinn and very black hair. Last tuesday I went to a new clinic and had some test shoots at my lower abdomen at the pubic area with a diode laser (Mediostar). The next day I went for a rezapp at the same area (lower abdomen/pubic area) with the IPL I usually get treated with at another clinic. Now one week after in the are treated with IPL the hairs are loose and you can just pull them out and they slide, but the patch where the diode was used (with the compression method) the hairs arent beeing pushed out as fast at all and they are attached to the skinn firmly, although if you pull hard they too slide out but with resistance (not like living hair though, they are dead because they aren’t growing like living hair). Does this show that IPL works better on me? Or does it take longer for the hairs to shed with dioede? The pain with the diode laser was worse so I thought maybe the hairs would be more effectively killed and become loose even faster.

For some reason it takes longer for the hair to shed with a diode laser.

I wouldn’t rule out the IPL so quickly. You seem to be getting results from it. Quite frankly, when I compare the various devices used on my legs, the Harmony AFT (like IPL) did the best job. I have almost zero hair on my upper legs where the Harmony was used. My Harmony treatment was about 7 weeks ago, and still there is almost zero regrowth. The downside is that it can’t be used on really dark skin, unless you don’t mind a lot of dark brown patches, almost like light scabbing. The test spots I had on darker skin are now almost pink, like new skin, and I don’t think I would want that over all my arms and legs. I’m waiting to see how the Aeshthera PPx works, so far so good.

When the hairs slide out easily as they are for you, that is usually a very good sign.