I gotta lot of 4 leaf clovers on me

4 all those who don’t know what a 4 leaf clover is…

in hairtell terms it’s a sprout of hairs that seem to be in the same spot… except instead of 1 hair coming from that spot there is 4.

i was wondering… what section did this belong in?

hopefully it don’t matter… anyway… i’m goin in to linda… electro by linda in napervile in 1 week. i’ll let ya know how it goes

as i said, i’m the man who removed every hair from both of his arms. hehe…yaya i’m insane like that ps. i did my entire right arm in less than 3 months(now that’s commitment!)

These are called pili multigemini and are not uncommon. Most are twos or threes, but some get four or more. They take a little extra zapping to kill, but they’re treatable.

Laser will dramatically reduce the multigemimni too. I thought I was the only one who had those. And I didn’t know they had a name either.


I do not have any 4’s but about half of my hairs are twins or triplets. The three rounds of laser so far have made a lot of the triplets become doubles and some of the double become singles so it is working. The extra hairs on my body must be from the ones that have migrated from the top of my head :wink: just kidding. If only I could have male pattern baldness on the body ha ha.


no 4’s at all?

not even 1? your very unlucky then:)

I’ve got news for you. Those same androgens that cause bald spots on your head are the same ones that cause the excess hair on your back and shoulders. Life isn’t fair sometimes.