I found a method that worked!!!


HI!!! I Have found a method for hair removal that really really works!!! And I want to share it with anyone who is going through the same nightmare that I did. Here’s how it happened: A friend from work who had the same problem that I did (too much body hair in places where it’s not supposed to be) found this specialist on hair removal and she tried on her chin and it worked for her. She told me about it a few months later and without any doubt I went to go see this specialist to ask questions, get quotes $ (that’s very important for me because I’m not rich) I’ve had it done on my face ( cheeks, chin, upper lip) and underarms. I have a hormonal problem and I’m a female, so you can imagine how horrible it has been for me. Well, no hair is growing back!!! Now my face looks beautiful and cleaner! I truly recommend this method from my heart, If you want to chat with me, don’t hesitate to write me and ask any questions you have. I’ll be glad to share my experience with you. I hope I’ve helped you. Take care.

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Hi Nena–

Because of the problems with quacks and scams, I request that readers share the name of the method and the type of equipment used. Please provide this information.

A note to hairtell readers: this is exactly the sort of postings I discourage. Whenever posting, please provide details on the type of method and your treatment routine. This post looks very much like the kind you should trust online.

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