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I’ve read alot of posts here, looks like laser is only good for a temp reduction in hair growth for a temp period but eventually the hair grows back - with that stated, whats with the cost being sooo high, I understand that the equipment is expensive and i’m sure after charging 50 people thousands of dollars you recoupe your costs - Econ 101, bring down the prices and more will come - I’m a 34 male who hasn’t been able to wear shorts since highschool, haven’t been able to wear t-shirts in public for 10 yrs now - luckly my wife doesn’t mind. I want to do laser on my arms but why bother and i’d be dead before an electro was finished. Sorry, just venting - all I want to do is go to the damn beach without looking like something from “the planet of the apes”

Great site by the way!!!

Why would laser only be good for temporary reduction in hair? Everybody is different. Some people have had great results, others good, others not so good.

There are also reports that electrolysis won’t work.

Please do not listen to those who said something like “Laser won’t work at all” or “All hair grow back after Laser”
sentences like those are clearly UNTRUE. Laser is classified as permanent hair reduction, with proper and repeated treatments, permanent removal results can be achieved.

From having experience with both, I would much rather have Laser many times over electrolysis, at least for the initial stages.

I had eletrolysis ~7 years ago at a good place in Chicago and got scars and horrible ingrown hairs from the treatments. Stopped that pretty quick.

From my latest laser forrays, I can say that the reduction is great. Whether I’ll be hair free or not, I’m not sure and most likely not completely, but even the reduction is great! I really need to wait another couple months to see how permanent the result is, and I still have 3 treatments to go.

The upshot is that not all methods work for all people. I found eletrolysis painful and not helpful for all the hype that it’s FDA approved for permanent hair removal. Laser is painful, and requires multiple treatments, but, so far, seems to work better for me.



I can finish an entire limb in 1 winter… ready 4 the summer and no hair.

at what cost? well I went through 2 kit’s costing me a total of 60 dollars.

and there is no ? of regrowth, and I’m a male and I like my scars!

Whaaaa? Kits? 60$? Are you talking about those home kits? I’ve tried that (way back in '90) and it sure didn’t work for me. Perhaps it worked for you. I’m glad. Unlike you, I’m not macho and don’t like scars all over.

I didn’t mean to sound dismissive of electrolysis, as it seems to work for most people. I was just saying my experience was bad.

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i tried electrol when I was in High School, on my foot, went thru 10 mins of it, got up and left, man did that hurt! - I don’t want to be hair free, I want some hair, just don’t want to be a freak or spend the rest of my life getting laser treatments every 2 months - I’m leaning toward the laser, I did have it done once before - Lightsheer - my arms swelled up like balloons, scabs, hyperpigmentation, was red for at least 5 days, hurt like hell! The place I had it done, well they’re no longer in business.

Thanks everyone for the comments

I agree with what Ants said. It would be inaccurate to say that the hair will always come back with laser, or that laser results are temporary for anyone. Laser works for many but not everyone. Electrolysis works too. It works on all hair types, can be used year round if you like to tan. But it is slower than laser.

I have had both. I used laser to get rid of most of the hair and electrolysis for the stragglers, many of which were white hairs that laser doesn’t get. I am happy with the results of both methods. There are always trade offs so I just use both methods to get the best of both worlds.


</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>… just don’t want to be a freak or spend the rest of my life getting laser treatments every 2 months …</font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>it’s not every 2 months for the rest of your life time.
There are many happy and successful stories of Laser hair removal, and we certainly won’t hear them complaining Laser here.

Hello everyone,

   I would like to give my opinion on laser.    I started laser txs about 3 years ago, im getting my whole body done, some areas were lasered more than others. First let me say if your as hairy as me you have no chance to look like a normal person using laser.   When i started laser i had hair everywhere, from my toes to my head, my whole body is connected with 2-3inches of body hair, no bald spots just thick hair,  im a animal.    I had 8 txs with the gentlelase & 4 txs with the apogee 9300 with some very high settings. Let me talk about my back, when i started i had lets say 100,000 thick hairs all over my back, now 12 txs later i have about 880,000 hairs all over my back, not as thick as when i started but im still a monster.  I seem to be getting 1% reduction each txs so at this rate it will take 30 years to look normal,  chances are ill be dead in 30 years.Im sure laser works for some people with a little hair but if you are a animal like me good luck.  I dont plan on giving up for  3-4 more years, im all paid up until i quit. I spent $19,000 so far and thats all im gonna spend until the real deal comes along.

wow, Sorry to hear that - 19 grand gets me a Harley, or a small boat. How did your arms come out?

I just started LHR and have had okay results also. But keep in mind I’ve only had 1 tx on my legs, underarms. I think the total reduction after 6 weeks has been 30%. The first laser used on me was a Gentlase 15mm 16J. I’m a type 3/4. But I’m not stopping here. I’m trying the light sheer for my 2nd leg tx . Now I know its not an exact comparison because I 've already had lhr once on my legs. But I think I will be able to tell the difference btw effectiveness of the two lasers. If the lightsheer gets the thinner, regrowing hairs I know for a fact that it’ll cause major damage to thick hairs in areas. My advice is don’t be discouraged. Try other lasers. You never know which one will end up working for you.

Rcrules, did you see a doctor to see if you had any medical conditions that could be the cause of so much hairiness. That may prevent you from respondint to the laser. Could be abnormal hormone levels. Just some ideas.

My chest was extremely hairy before I started laser treatments. I could not see my skin if I let the hair grow wild. I got tired of being extremely uncomfortable in the summer so I shaved the hair off. It was very time consuming so I went with laser and my chest hair responded very well. My back was not quite as hairy and responded just about as well.

Did you ever have any pain, redness or scabbing after treatments? I was just wondering if you were undertreated. What does your practitioner say about the lack of response to the laser treatments?


Umm… what do you mean…

Did you ever have any pain, redness or
scabbing after treatments?

Is it normal or rare to get scabbing afterwards?
I’m a newbie here. :grin:

From what I have read here, scars and hyperpigmentation can happen - Looks like you really need to find someone who knows what they are doing - Sounds like that is the key - I haven’t been able to yet and i’m not too keen on traveling to NYC for treatment