I cant take it anymore:o(

I am a male.My problem started 2-3 years ago. I am now 20. I started to develop hair in the worst places.First I didnt pay much attention to it but it got worse. It ruined my life completely. :blush: ( I never had a girlfriend before. I ve had so many opportunities. Some even from really cute girls. I turned down all of it. Didn’t go to prom:o( All because I am scared. When I get intimate with girl and she sees my hairy body she will frak out. I have hairy feet legs very hairy. ASS as mych hairy as legs and it goes to lower back. My pubic area is totally hairy. stomach dark hair forearms so nasty long hair. I was told so many times I am cute and so many times girls flirt with me. THis is killing me. I know wtaht u ll say If she loves you she will accept u (this isll****) we live in XXI century. I worry that if a girl sees my like this she will tell her girl friends and I could end up made fun of everywhere. school at work everywhere:o(
I know I have to do something and I am willing to sacriface because that is the only thing that keeps me from the happines. But i dont know what to do:( Laser seems to be working for some and for some doesnt. i was thinking of buying a spatouch unit for 5000 so maybe I could treat all this hair in the privacy of my home and anythime the hair will grow back ill just use spatouch to zap it and go 2-3 months hair free but i am not sue if a device lika spatouch would live me hair free for 2-3 months
i am worry tha I ll buy something that wont even cause brown little hair to fall out just the darkest ones and i will look stupid
Please give me some advice:o(

Hi there,
wish I could answer your question on what to do, but I don’t have the answers for you.

Have you talked to anyone about how you are feeling? This is obviously affecting you very deeply and you are holding yourself back from going out and experiencing life.

I can understand some of what you are feeling since I am having some of the same issues, but it is different since I am a woman.

I just really think that you shouldn’t worry as much as you are. It is so much more acceptable for a man to be hairy and a lot of women don’t care how hairy a man is.

Well, I know that doesn’t really help you, but just wanted to stop in and let you know what I was thinking.

Good luck and I hope you find your answers soon.


I agree with Ellen3 that you need to talk to someone or do something to change your self esteem before life passes you by. I am a woman but with insecurities similiar to your own.

If you are well suited for laser, you can “thin” out the areas and see if you are more comfortable with the amount of hair that grows back after a few sessions (approx. 8 weeks apart). Most women I know think a moderate amount of hair on a man is sexy. In my experience, the dark course hairs will grow back lighter and less course every time you have laser and the already soft ones come back like a soft hair that is totally natural looking.

I am not sure about buying a machine unless you have someone to help with the hard to reach areas. And you would both need to be trained as to not burn yourself and make matters worse.
You should start looking around your area for a reputable laser clinic or see a dermatoligist that has a machine. The sooner you do something and start making appointments to know your options, the sooner you will feel better about yourself and get that hot date you want and start having some fun. :wink:

Take care

I’m in the same boat. This is not a total solution, but …

Arms & legs: I use hair clippers (with no height attachments on it) once a month. Thankfully, the growth cycle in these area is slow & I can ‘definitely’ live with the results. After a couple of days, these areas don’t feel harsh either. This really ‘is’ fine.

Stomach, chest, & back: Unfortunately, here the growth cycle is as bad as my beard & the hairs are pretty thick - thicker than leg hairs. I can clip my back hairs as short as my leg & arm hairs, but I’ll have to do it once a week. For my chest, however, I have to clip ‘no shorter’ than 1/4", otherwise, it really feels like sandpaper. Again, I’d have to do this once a week.

It’s not ‘the’ answer (especially for my upper body), but it’s ‘definitely’ better than before … until something better comes along - something that really works & doesn’t cost a hairy arm & leg.)

PS. Recently, I’ve also tried rotary epilators on my stomach. Painful! Very painful! (I posted a response there as well.) Though, I might have been willing to deal with the pain if it weren’t for the big, big problem of ingrown hairs (despite exfoliating often). The ingrowns were so aggrevating that I stopped.

PSS. The “dating problem”. Been there, done that - sadly, for more than I care to admit.

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thank u’all

If interested, read my posting of May 20, 2004 to “laceluna”. Your situation appears traumatic at this time, but do relax and take this all in context. There is lots of help out there for you.
You have an unwanted hair problem that definitely can be rectified. You’ll have to do a little research to find a good electrologist if you want most of this hair removed or at least to the point where you feel good about yourself. Put yourself first, don’t dwell on what others think of you. Do something for you at this stage. I suggest you go over to Fino Gior’s website www.electrolysisinformation.com and read it through. This is a start. I wouldn’t recommend that you go out and waste a lot of your hard earned money on a do-it-yourself machine. The training and expertise involved to do this correctly and effectively will outweigh the quicker results you would get with a good electrologist. Keep us informed. Keep your head up, be positive and do your research. The sooner you are able to commence with a hair removal program, the sooner you will be able to be at peace with yourself vis a vis your self esteem, personal relationships and so on. Also read the postings on this forum and on www.hairfacts.com , as there is a lot of invaluable information that will help you understand electrolysis and laser as well. Take care.

thank u all for advice but I think im gonna go with that spatouch system which will be like waxing but the hair will stay away longer and the return will result in less hair. I heard from a lady that lives in Israel that people are having vero good results with spatouch after about 10-15 treatments. Having spatouc at home that wont be a problem. I ll just menage my hair to the point i will be happy. AM I RIGHT?

Hairybastard, this is your message you posted over 3 months ago, "thank all for responses.
I just want to say. Look at all these people that aren’t happy with the results from laser. that says that hair comes back. What then? Cus I sure as hell wont spend another 5000$. So i figured that it would be better because this is going be mine and whenever i am going to need this i will use it and then have some free hair time. am I wrong? "
You got a lot of responses then, and you’ve got even more now. If you are just going to pose the same question over, and over, you are not ever going to deal with your problem.In other words, my advice to you is either buy the spa touch already and begin your experiment, or do what 99% of the other people do when looking for permanent hair removal and find the best Laser Tech or Electrologist you can, using this Forum for what it’s best for.

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It appears that you are really confused about this subject. Are you right? Probably not. But get your Spatouch and go through the procedure. You may be happy and content with your results (for the short term - as thats all they’ll last), then if you still have an unwanted hair phenomena, you’ll return to this forum looking for advice. Right now it appears that you already have your mind made up as to what hair removal system you want. Give it a try. I hope it gives you peace of mind. If the results aren’t to your satisfaction then you may want to research electrolysis as a permanent hair removal method. Don’t forget the financial outlay of your intentions. Good luck.