I break out every time I get waxed

Whenever I get my back and shoulders waxed, I break out pretty bad. It could be ingrown hairs, or the wax being used, or maybe the fact that I don’t have hair there to absorb the oils my skin produces, etc. I use a loofa sponge to exfoliate and I use Tend Skin to try and prevent ingrown hairs but it seems that I still break out pretty bad. It’s the worst on my upper back but it also occurs other places as well.

Any advice? Is there something more I should be doing post-wax or even all the time?

Thanks in advance for your help.

welcome to my club. i break out in pimply looking things whever i sugar or wax my arms. what i think helps is to keep the area dry after waxing. and not to waer long sleeves for up to a week after waxing. aleo vera right after your down is good and keep doing it for a few days after. thats what i know. i am sure and hope others know more.

If you have tried switching waxers and waxes then I can only offer a few sugestions.
Use a loofa only two or three times a week (excess exfoliation can cause more oil production in the skin), use a shower gel or liquid soap instead of a bar and work in a circular motion.
if you work out,make sure to clean the benches before you use them and use a quick anti ancne wash after.
you can also try other anti ingrown products, there are a tone out there
good luck

dont have a hot shower, like suggested here keep the area dry, i think thats important.