I asked for increased energies for my face.

My previous treatment was at 15, I think, using the lightsheer.

Im trying to get rid of male facial hair.

For the past 3 treatments, my chin didnt even shed. This time I told them about it, and I asked for significantly increased energies.

They lasered me with 19.5 joules which I really didnt think was that painful. I used Emla for an hour beforehand though.

The thing is, right after the treatment, so many hairs have popped out. My face was full of hairs which I had to pull out before leaving the clinic. Does this mean I’ll be getting way better results this time? I hope so.

My next appointment is in 1 month… It will be my 5th

Hello there!

Now that it has been over a month since your last treatment would you say that the treatment on higher setting had a better result?

Did you have much regrowth?

Thanks polki.