i am waaay undecided!! any help?? veterans help me out! (long)

my head is hurting trying to decide on who to go with. i am treating the back of my neck, underarms, full bikini, and lower legs. i have pretty much ruled out the coolglide. so now i’m left with light sheer diode at Pure Laser at a cost of 4080.00 for a pkg of 4 or 5525.00 for a pkg of 6. can i clear in 4 sessions? can i clear in 6? also i think they didn’t crank it up to the regular level so as not to scare me off with the test patch. they have something comparable to emla available. tech here was very professional and knowledgeable. they do have a guarantee. big office in a big building. looks like a day spa.

the other choice is A Plus Laser at 4380 for a pkg of 4 with the candela gentlelase, she doesn’t offer a pkg of 6. we didn’t discuss if session 5 and up would be at the touch up price or the regular single session price. her machine is a new model. no gel is needed and it has a cooling spray built in. she said she could get excellent clearance in 4 or 5 sessions. she spared no joules when she did my test patch, definitely felt the zap. the tech here is a bit older and i definitely felt that she was VERY knowledgeable about her laser and the process. she told me she has been researching laser for the last ten years, however she has been only doing LHR for a year and a half. she also has been doing electrolysis for 20 years. in this office all they do is laser and electrolysis. she told me she would only let me use something like emla in small areas to be treated. she advised against using it all over my legs. she said she needed for me to be able to feel if i was being burned or not and espeicially the first sesseion she needs to see how my skin will react without any “outside” factors added in. sort of to get a base line …but she said she would ice after. very small office in an older part of town, but clean and bright in the laser/electrolysis rooms.

my synopsis is basically do i go with a person who is very familiar with hair removal but has only 1 1/2 years experience on the laser(A Plus) or do i go with one of the franchise type offices (Pure Laser) that i felt were knowledgeable in a franchise type way. (does that make sense?) I don’t intend this in a negative way. I felt very comfortable at both consultations. Am i down to just deciding by price?

i am soooo confused!! doing a search for these topics presented sooo many threads that i was very overwhelmed. any suggestions, thoughts would be greatly appreciated!! thank you!

I would go with the practitioner with many years experience in hair removal. Many electrologists are adding laser to their practices, and since they already know the signs to look for in regards to skin reactions and patient comfort, they adapt readily to the switch. The reason she doesn’t want you to use the topical all over your legs is a safety issue also - too much topical spread over that large an area can cause heart arrythmias in someone who may unknowingly have a pre-existing heart condition. It can be applied to small areas safely - large areas can only be done in smaller increments. Legs are not as sensitive an area as, say, underarm or bikini, so you should be able to tolerate the treatments there without topical. Hope this helps - why didn’t you feel the Coolglide was appropriate? :wink:

thanks so much for your thoughts! i ruled out coolglide becauase both the lightsheer and candela tech told me they could get excellent clearance in about 4-6 sessions. the coolglide tech told me that they see results in about 8-10 sessions. frankly i would rather do less sessions. the price was a bit lower for the coolglide. when i got the test patch done i did not feel a thing and told her so she cranked it up a bit but i still did not feel anything. i asked her if that was an appropriate level for the area she was doing a test patch on (leg). she said that it was and that most people take a bit to even get up to the level i was already on. don’t know if i buy that. plus i didn’t like the way she was dragging the tip down my leg as she was going instead of lifting it up and going on to the next spot. are you supposed to drag the coolglide like that? i thought you were not supposed to.

one thing is for sure i will be doing some electrolysis with the person who has 20years of it behind her.