I am dumb

OK, here is a dumb question or two. After the hair is lasered if it falls out then is it “dead”? So like if you need 6 treatments then each of the 6 times are different sets of hair (that had never been lasered before)?

I had laser hair removal exactly two weeks ago and a lot of hair has fallen out, but there is some that is defnitely still attached. This goes for my legs, underarms and bikini areas which I had all lasered at the same time.

I am a type 2 and they used a diode. I had coolglide 3 times over a year ago and each time all the hair fell out.


The hair falling out does not necessarily mean that it has been killed. There are many people who had many treatments where all the hair fell out and then weeks later everything grew back. What keeps the hair from growing back is if the follicle is killed.

So if the hair does NOT fall out then does that mean it was not killed (at least temporarily as the hairs that fall out do)?

if it doesn’t fall out 3 weeks after the treatment, then it was missed during the treatment. if there is a lot of hair that was missed, you should ask for a touchup at that time.

Thanks - if it is not out by next Thursday I will call them. I just read your laser diary and I am outraged at how expensive the laser places are here in NY. I called about 8 places before settling on one of the cheapest (they use the lightsheer diode). It’s over $100 for underarms and about $175 for bikini area - meaning past two fingers out of the bikini line. I’m not sure but don’t most women have hair well past two fingers which is less than two inches sticking out of their underwear??

LAGIRL - have you had any hair regrowth on your underarms and bikini since your last diary post (December??)

also, 2 places here in ny charged $300 for underarm and bikini separately.

I’ve been having some electrolysis on both of those areas since December on the few hairs that sprang up here and there. overall, i would say the reduction remains stable at around 95%. the new hairs are very thin and fine and sparse. I’ve probably had 4-5 15 min sessions on underarms (I’ve had 5 laser treatments there) and two 5 mins sessions on bikini (had 6 laser treatments there) to get those few hairs. they’re also not noticeable and easily shaveable without shaving cream or even wetting the area. they’re that thin and sparse. It’s not a big deal since I’m getting electrolysis on other areas anyways, so I have the electrologists grab those few. You find you become a bit obsessed with being completely clear after doing laser, so what I’m doing is not really necessary <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

prices really vary. costs for space rental in manhattan are more expensive overall, which can account for much of the difference. also, keep in mind that prices here vary a lot as well. the places i’ve mentioned are those i seeked out as some of the cheapest. the prices you mention are somewhat average.

That makes me feel better (about the pricing). I am really upset at how much they missed on the bikini area - especially on my inner thigh which I just noticed yesterday. I hope they don’t give me a hard time when I tell them that they missed. I can’t tell if they missed on my underarms and lower legs, which I also had done, because I had to shave them. Next time I won’t so I can make sure they get everything. The coolglide didn’t miss anything and the diode missed a lot - I think LAGIRL had the same situation…

it’s the laser operator’s fault, not the laser’s. it was in my case too, good GentleLASE operator vs a bad LightSheer one (didn’t use compression and somewhat lower settings where I barely felt anything)

Well, I couldn’t wait and I just got off the phone with them. They are saying “that hair is stubborn” and it’s not an “exact science”. As well as the “way the hair is growing”. I also hardly felt anything even when they turned it up a notch. They said next time I come in tell them where the hair did not fall out. I bought 3 sessions so I have two left. I guess after these treatments I will go somewhere else where they use the coolglide or gentleLase. And then I will be even more broke because I have to purchase even more sessions. Next time no packages though. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" />

While you are at it, find an electrologist who will give you a free consultation and sample treatment, and see how that goes.

there is no need to wait until next time to “show them” where hair didn’t fall out. how will you even tell at that time. and why should you be paying for a session to treat hair that they MISSED during the first treatment? i would push to have them REDO the areas 3 weeks after this first treatment as THAT’S when you know what has been missed. everything else would have shed by that time. And they should do it free of charge.