I am confused what to do

I am 25, female.
I have been reading a lot of posts and I am totally confused as to what should I do.
I have facial hair - lots of them.(facial is the only one bothering me but I do have hair at other places too)
I used to cover them with bleach. I had seen a GYN and Dermatologist(both in India) for the facial hair problem.
The GYN did some tests and said I had more level of (some hormone- i do not remember the name) and said that it is normal. The dermatologist prescribed Birth Control pills and said they would get very fine and smal in 2years. I did not want to go for birth control as I had heard problems of infertilty due to them and was scared after all side effects warnings on the packing.
I then heard about Laser and tried the same. Got a couple treatments in India and came hear. I has now been a year and I stopped the Laser/IPL treatment 2 months back.
Here I am with all of them back and more obvious. Bleach is no more effective now.
I found this site(hope I had found it earlier) and I got some consultations with some electrologists.
Ruled out the 1st one since she was not a CPE.
the 2nd one said she uses blend and it might take about a year to treat it completely. Will give a better idea after treatments.
The 3rd one suggested I see an endocrinologist because my hair growth does not seem normal. I do not have menstrual problems. They are pretty regular. But I have seen hair growth and gain in weight after my menstrual cycle started.
Should I really see an endocrinologist. I have no problem doing that but want to make sure if my Insurance would cover it.
I called my insurance Co and they said, I can see a doctor if I have a problem and they do not pay for routine checkups. I have been covered under his insurance since a year now.
I am not sure if they will consider this as a problem since this is not a new problem. I have had facial hair since a long time and am worried this will be considered as a routine checkup.
Can someone tell me if I should get more consultations with electrologists or see an endocrinologist first?
I am sorry for the very long post, but this is really bothering me and wanted to seek advise from someone who would know so much about my problem.

James, you have given real good advises to ppl. Please help me too.

You don’t say where you live, so this is confusing. Do you still live in India?

If you’re in a new country, there is no way for your insurance company to know that doctors in India tested you once for hormone imbalance. As far as your insurance company knows, this is a “new problem” because you’re investigating it now for the first time. It’s even okay to have had the problem for a while. You’ve never had a diagnosis.

Also, your insurance company says it will not pay for a routine visit. A routine visit would be if you went to the doctor and said “I don’t have any symptoms or complaints. Could you just do a general check up to make sure I’m healthy?” What will make your visit eligible for being covered is that you are investigating a specific condition.

Make sure that your insurance company doesn’t require a referral from your primary care physician first.

Excessive hair growth isn’t always related to gyn issues. It could also be a thyroid problem, so an endocrinologist is a good doctor to start with.

good luck to you!

Thank you very much Susie !!
I am in Oregon, US now.
I sure will get an appointment from endocrinologist tommorrow and am sure will not get an appointment very soon. I was also worried if the insurance company might decline payment saying that this is a cosmetic issue but there is another post where an LE, CPE has clearly said that excess facial hair is not a cosmetic issue.
I also did some research on PCOS and a site said that if someone has more than two symptoms of PCOS, one should be diagnosed. Here I am with unwanted hair, acne and overweight at the middle of the body.
I shall add to this post once I visit an endocrinologist and will also post this in the PCOS section. I will then start asking queries about electrologists to choose one. But I think I will go to the one who initially suggested I should get diagnosed. Lets see…
Thanks again and I hope there is no major problem with me.

Okay… I am back now…
I have seen a GYN and Endocrinologist.
Had suggested blood tests done for testosterone and thyroid, etc and my endocrinologist said that everything looks normal. I might just have to get electrolysis done…
I got a patch test done with 4 electrologists of which I ruled out one because she is not a CPE and has only 2 years of experience.
The second one was nice. I was comfortable while she was doing electrolysis on me, 42 hairs in 10 minutes. She said she can spend some extra time at the end of sessions to cover more hair. She also applied the Aloe vera with a roller after the treatment.
The third and fourth electrologists were the ones who suggested I see a doctor. I went back to the 4th one(as she is near to my work place) but did not like her tratment.
I 45 minutes, she removed only 2 or 3 hairs with the BULB on them. She kept adjusting the levels using the foot paddle. Inserted needle on one hair and tried to pull a different hair. I was not at all comfortable with her pulling my cheeks(felt pinches) to get hold of hair. Believe me I have a lot of hair and it can be difficult to choose which one to work on.

The third one was fine but I had got white acne kind spots after her treatment. She does have a new Apilus machine though.

I was confused between the 2nd and 3rd one but decided to stick with the second one because her place had a peaceful atmosphere and was more clean.

I have no patience to take more consultations so am starting treatment on Tuesday with the second electrologist. Have an 1/2 hour appt on tuesday.

I am also planning to bleach today so that the new hair are easy to identify and can be taken care of first. Let me know if this is not a good idea.

I am sure I have the best wishes from all of u.
Will update on Tuesday or Wednesday.