I also have been havingadverse reaction to threading

I have tested threading all over my face and have developed small red bumps, some with white heads on them. I am not sure whether it is the actual procedure or the conditions, or the aloe gel they use after threading which may be causing this. Also, they thread my face without cleaning it first. Would that be the cause? If so, how can I test this?

sonali, they should clean the area before and after treatment, and you should use a product like Tend Skin at home following treatment.

The bumps are usually caused by irritation, broken off hairs, or a reaction to infection.

so would you think that the irritation is due to not cleaning the area, or a tendency of my skin to react to threading?

I really can’t hazard a guess without seeing you in person, sonali. I’d try to eliminate all the problems I mentioned to be on the safe side.