Please I had a hysterectomy back in 6/2007 now I have so much hair on my face that I do not know what to do? Doctor visit she said I should be ok just to get it removed her office does laser very pricey.


Sorry I don’t know much about hysterectomy’s. Is there a known reason for the hair growth on your face? Maybe there is something you can do to get it under control?

My opinion is don’t go for laser though. Find a good electrologist.

hi stoppit&tidyup,
thank you for answering me how would i find a good electrologist in my area?

i found one close to work i will call today. Thank you

Hi there,

So sorry I did not reply earlier.

Whether one wants laser or electrolysis, thorough prior research is important. Both to ensure results and for safety. I’d say it’s more important with electrolysis because generally with laser it’s just a matter of it being ineffective (which can be determined after 1 treatment).

Some people are lucky and find a good electrologist quickly, for others it requires more effort.

I would read the electrolysis part of the forum as much as possible. In the beginning I found it useful to read through other posters threads, even if the information seemed irrelevant to me, as it was an education.

You need to know what constitutes good treatment, how to know if it’s being carried out properly, what skin reactions are acceptable and what are not. Lots of other posters will have already posted the same questions you may have, so reading all the threads for a few pages back in time should be really helpful. There is a thread on the first page about upper lip treatment, for example.