Hypothetical for big electrolysis sessions


Just say one came into some money, and had the time, and wanted an initial clearance of legs, back, chest, arms and armpits in one big one- or two-week long session, would that be dangerous for the body - mainly I am thinking that the body’s repair mechanism would be overloaded trying to send white blood cells to all those places during the course of a week or two the sessions may take… how much damage is done to the hair follicles… I doesn’t seem much, but multiply it by 1,000’s and it would compound… Or would a healthy person be able to keep up with the pace of treatment… ? what do any of the good text books say…? Is there anything else that would be an issue with a big block of time like that… (besides the variety of background music…LOL)?




A good practitioner with an up to date machine could in fact clear every hair on your body in that time, working on, say one cheek for an hour or two, and then turning to the other cheek, and then moving to the back, then the legs. Once a good practitioner is no longer working with a machine that can only do 4 hairs per square inch without moving on to the next area due to swelling, much can be done in one sitting.

Other than keeping the treatment areas clean and dry, the client need not worry about the treated areas. Better yet, to treat it with a post treatment care package like Aloe, Tea Tree Oil, Hydrocortisone, Calamine, ect… These things will help the area to return to normal even quicker.

The short answer is yes, someone who had a good enough practitioner, with the right equipment, enough time, good pre and post-treatment habits and a way to fight the boredom could in fact clear their entire body to first clearance in two weeks as long as they did not give their practitioner carpal tunnel syndrome first. :grin:

My rough estimate, with no one in particular in mind (based on MANY ASSUMPTIONS) would be 8 to 9 days working 9 hours a day. :fearful:

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Excellent reply, just what I wanted to hear… I would rather get it over and done with as fast as possible… and get a few books read as well… LOL

How much time do you personally take between clients… do you work for say 2 hours then have a 15 minute break to give the wrists a rest, go for a walk etc…?

Good anecdote about Bob Hope… LOL That is what I want… an Electrologist on staff… Wake up feeling a bit hairy, call them in… Perfect!



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First off, let me say that I am a total lunatic.

I work in 3 hour shifts. If I have two 90 minute clients, I don’t really take a break in between. Just the time for goodbyes, and hello’s. After 3 hours, I take time out to stretch, eat, drink some water, rub my eyes, and say, “Oh my aching neck!” Sometimes I put my hands in a hot parafin wax and give the hand some heat therapy.


A lunatic with a work ethic…LOL good to hear…

It sounds like you need to trade your skills with someone who does massage… esp. neck and hands…




IHH, there is a place in Texas that caters primarily to transgendered women who have two electrologists working on you for eight hours straight for as many days as you need. It’s a real endurance test, but they use injected anesthesia. So it can and does happen. It all depends on how much money and time off you have!