I have hypopigmentation under my chin.
I could cover it up with make-up, but my skin is soooo very smooth after all this galvanic treatment that it seems a shame to cover-up.
I have been using an AVON banishing creme with two% hydroquinone(I purchased from US because we can not buy over the counter in the UK)I can see a tiny improvement.
I have purchased a creme called ELDOQUIN from EBAY,it is very costly $80.00 (with postage) for 60g.

PLEASE can anybody tell me what else I can use.

Thank you.

Hypopigmentation is a lack of pigment - is that what you are experiencing or is it actually hyperpigmentation resulting in dark spots?

HYPOPIGMENTATION: If you are experiencing hypopigmentation (depigmented patches or depigmented spots), this lack of melanin production is most often due to sun or tissue irritation and is actually a yeast infection. If this is the case, it can be treated with antifungal cream or medication. If you want to try a home remedy, try applying a shampoo that contains selenium sulfide and wash the skin with it. Check out the dandruff shampoos.

HYPERPIGMENTATION: If the spots you are referring to are brown, this discoloration is from an overproduction of melanin and is also often the result of sun or irritation. If this is the case, you are actually referring to hyperpigmentation. If so, I do not recommend hydroquinone. Note that you are having a difficult time finding hydroquinone because it has been linked to causing health problems and is banned from some countries.

Look for a product that has kojic acid as one of the first ingredients listed.

To give you an idea of the price of a product where the first ingredient listed is kojic acid, figure about $30 US dollars for about one ounce.

If you have a problem locating something, fee free to email me and I will make some suggestions.

skincare4all@gmail.com or electrolysis@juno.com

Hello Arlene,

Thank very much for taking the time to give me all that information.

I must say, when the scabs fell off,after electrolysis,I have tiny pale dot marks,not spots or anything raised.
My skin is a very pale yellow and the marks are not darker but lighter.

Arlene I hope I have explained myself properly.

I am mixed race, I do get light marks whenever I have a cut or such and the scab falls off.

Once again thank you for your help and I would be very pleased if you could give any advice on what I should buy to clear this problem.

You mention that the spots are lighter than your skin tone so now stop using the hydroquinone.

Please let me know about your aftercare.

I understand that many people who have galvanic treatment prefer not to neutralize the activity and opt not to have anything applied to the skin but I do not agree with that in a case such as yours.

If you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in a triple antibiotic cream, try using that after treatment for a few days.


I am very grateful for all your time and advice.


I do not neutralize

I clean my face with alcohol.

I cover the treated area with a creme called QUINODERM, active constituents:BENZOYLE PEROXIDE 5%, POTASSIUM HYD. ROXYQUINOLINE SULPHATE BP 0.5%

When scabs have fallen off I use TEA TREE OIL.

I always use DETTOL soap

When all is clear, I use bleaching creme for removing marks

I change bed linen every day.

I do not wear any make-up.

The creme you have recommended, do you know if it can be purchased in the UK,if not are you able to tell me who I can purchase it from.


Dear Joyann,

You indicate that you do not neutralize after galvanic - so nothing is applied to your skin immediately after electrolysis?

When do you start using the products you mentioned?

Is the alcohol you are using SD Alcohol? Alcohol compromises the epidermis by breaking down the skin’s protective barrier. Who suggested you use alcohol? If you are stripping the skin then you will not heal well.

Who suggested that you use the Benzoyl Peroxide? Benzoyl Peroxide is used to kill the P. bacteria responsible for causing acne. Do you have acne?

Tea Tree oil is a nice product if you have oily skin; I don’t suggest using it if your skin is dry.

You indicate that you use a bleaching cream for removing marks. What type of marks? In any event, bleach is also not good for your skin as it too compromises the acid mantle (protective barrier) of your skin.

No wonder you aren’t healing well.

The product that I referred to in an earlier post is the triple antibiotic cream, Neosporin (not the ointment, the cream). I use the cream sparingly and only on some clients because antibiotics not only kill bad bacteria, they also kill the good bacteria.

I suggest you take a look at the ingredients in the products that you are currently using and understand what they are doing to your skin and start eliminating the bad ones before going out and buying more products.

fyi, many people are allergic to Neosporin. (There are three active ingredients–Polymyxin B Sulfate, Bacitracin Zinc, and Neomycin—and many people are allergic to the neomycin.)

If you don’t know if you’re allergic, the safer antiobiotic cream to use is Polysporin. It contains the same active ingredients but without any neomycin. (BTW, i learned all of this because my boyfriend turned out to be allergic.)

I believe these brand names may only exist in North America. If so, then look for a cream with the two ingredients listed above.


What can I say, I am very lucky I have only light marks,a bit like freckles, but light not dark.

I really cannot say the skin is not healing well.

I start using the acne creme as soon as treatment is over for the day, I clean face with rubbing alcohol and then apply creme, I must say I have never had pus in any treatment sites

The acne creme is somthing I use whenever I have a few spots, I shall STOP using it and try to get the creme you have spoken about.

The alcohol is RUBBING alcohol,I shall stop using that too.

I had very greasy skin when I was younger, so I think it is combi now, I think I can get away with the TEA TREE OIL.


I think because I am mixed race I do have this slight problem with HYPO and HYPER, I even have a few light marks on my arms which have never had anything done at all,just white freckles.

I must also say THIS GALVANIC TREATMENT CHANGED MY LIFE,I had to shave twice a day, so these light freckles are ALMOST nothing
MY ENDOCRINE doctor cannot belive it, whenever I go to the clinic he calls his other black clients in to have a look at my face.

He said that he always warned his black clients off any form of ELECTROLYSIS, but he his going to do a study on it.


Hi VespaSusie,

I indicated the following in an earlier post in this thread:

“If you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in a triple antibiotic cream, try using that after treatment for a few days.” The key here is, “a few days”. Remember, it kills good bacteria as well as bad bacteria.

To expand on the neomycin information you provided:

When neomycin is used in deoderants, it has caused resistant strains of staphlococci to develop which can be lethal.

The neomycin used in antibiotics is neomycin sulfate, this antibiotic has been known to cause adverse reactions in those who are allergic (contact dermatitis for example).

It should not be used on more than 20% of the body.

Dear Joyann,

You wrote, “I think because I am mixed race I do have this slight problem with HYPO and HYPER, I even have a few light marks on my arms which have never had anything done at all,just white freckles.”

As I noted before, the white freckles on your arms might very well be a fungal infection, very common. Try a dandruff shampoo on the area and let me know what happens.

Rubbing alcohol is very bad for your skin and I am glad you are going to eliminate that.

All the best,

I indicated the following in an earlier post in this thread:

“If you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in a triple antibiotic cream, try using that after treatment for a few days.”

Sorry, Arlene, I had no clue what “triple antibiotic cream” meant, though now of course it makes perfect sense! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />

When you named Neosporin, I thought to jump in with the warning because people might only catch the brand name in your post.