Hypo and Hyperpigmentation


I have had four laser hair treatments, one time with a combination of the CoolGLIDE and GentleLASE PLUS and twice all over with the GentleLASE PLUS and once all over with the CoolGLIDE.

With the GentleLASE PLUS I’ve notice hyperpigmentation (dark circle) on my lower jaw line from my first treatment in March.

The second and third treatments with the GentleLASE PLUS (11 - 16 joules), I was burned along my bikini line and right and left legs.

With the second treatment in May I’ve had a dark circle left from the GentleLASE PLUS and seven weeks after getting burned with the same laser with my third treatment in June, I have begun to see hypopigmentation (white circles) on my right leg.

Will these eventually go away? The hypopigmentation that I received with electroylsis (prior to LHR) on my stomach finally went away, but the laser burns and discoloration seem to not be doing anything.



PS I had no adverse affects with the CoolGLIDE which was set at 50 joules.

Hyperpigmentation (dark circle) that you are describing, generally goes away in a week or two, on the other hand hypopigmentation (white circle) may last for a long period of time, or even be permanent.

Hi, did your hyper-pigmentation ever go away ? Thanks

sounds like you have dark skin. 11-16 joules are VERY low settings on GentleLASE Plus, probably not effective. You should be going with Coolglide the entire time because it’s a Yag laser meant for darker skins to avoid pigmentation issues. GentleLASE is an alex laser, not good for dark skin.