I’m a 36-year-old male with hypertrichosis. I wasn’t born with any terminal hair and it wasn’t acquired as far as I know. I just think it was gradual as the men in my family are generally that way inclined. Although, out of all of them, I’m the only one with excess or unwanted facial hair. It’s not exactly werewolf syndrome like the boy in the article below, but if I went without maintenance for even a month it wouldn’t be far off. Anyway, I was researching or googling to be exact, when I came across this piece from 2008. Dr Angela Christiano from Colombia University was treating Pruthviraj Patil, then 11 with testosterone injections to stunt the growth. According to the report, they were hopeful at the time but there hasn’t been anything since, which doesn’t look good.

Has anyone any idea if this actually works and how ? because it seems so contradictory. And would it be possible to do at home ?


You can try contacting that doctor and she if she has resources for you or some answers. Only a few research universities have qualified dermatologists and scientists who study hair biology.


Hi, my name is Chris Repp, a casting producer at Aberrant Creative and we are casting a new medical docu-series for a major network featuring 3 top Dermatologists that are experts in all things hair. I would love to tell you more if you are interested as hypertrichosis is something we are looking to find and help. chrisr@aberrantcreative.com is the best way to contact me so I can tell you the full details and see if you are interested.

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