Since I am skin type 4, I am more prone to it, I know. I now have some on my chin from electro treatments.
However, I am wondering whether a certain electrolysis method causes less hyperpigmentation than another in general? Between microflash, thermolysis and blend, which cause the least hyperpigmentation, can we generalize it?

I would do a nice blend on your skin type, personally speaking.


Edited: I explained this in more detail on your other thread, hert.

Hyperpigmentation occurs as a result of the immune system response. A person with a highly reactive (aggressive)immune system who had colored skin might have temporary pigmentation no matter how good the treatments were. On the other hand, overly destructive work would have the same results. Furthermore, things like sweat, dirt, make-up bacteria, air pollution and so on, would also make that problem come up even if everything else was perfect.

So, to recap:
aggressive immune system
complications from sweat, contamination or infection.

Just found this related to alleviating electrolysis symptoms - http://www.transgendercare.com/electrolysis/complications/allev_effects.htm

Can the experts comment on these suggestions,

  • extended use of erythromycin as a topical, I would infer it would be needed week after week for the duration of your treatments (1 or 2 yrs),
  • the use of phenol calamine in conjunction,
  • and the use of anti-histamines as a regular preventative intended to reduce reactions such as scabbing and hyperpigmentation.

Your comments are much appreciated!!

A skilled electrologist, with the added benefit of using the best tools available, who cares about your skin and maintains close conversations with you about your healing would make these medicants unnessary. It’s a simple concept, but I admit, it may be difficult to find someone good depending on where you live.

If one wanted to take a safe anti-viral the Amino Acid L-Lysine, or Lysine would be cheaply available at your local source of vitamines. From Wal-Mart to GNC and health food stores in between carry it. One can take it every day.

If one does have to take any antibiotic, PLEASE remember to supplement with stomach flora and digestive enzymes. It was once the law that one had to prescribe these things together, but now they give you the anti-biotic, and don’t tell you that you also need something to replace the good bacteria and enzymes in your digestive tract, or you will get Candida over growth, which will lead to other problems (some of which will grow hair on women).