Hi Everyone,

There are a few of us who seem to be affected by hyperpigmentation after treatment. Mine hasn’t been too bad but I can notice it.

Anyway, I’ve been using a new treatment I thought you all might find helpful. It’s quite aggressive so do not use it until your skin has fully healed from an electrolysis treatment. It’s PCA’s pHaze 13 pigment gel. I only started using it last week but already some of my freckles and acne scars have disappeared. My facial skin has never looked so clear.

Just to add, I have no interest in this brand/product. I’ve been searching for ages for an effective fading treatment and I have found that this is actually effective (not just hype). If you give it a go, let me know what you think.

Now for an update: I had another treatment today for an hour and it’s going just fine - upper lip and upper leg areas. Despite the tea tree, witch hazel and aloe, I’m still reacting a little bit but my skin reacts to anything!

Anyway, I have been suffering a cold this week and although it’s now cleared, I have a residue cough so I took a cold and flu tablet that made me very drowsy and my goodness, the pain was absolutely bearable! It really took the edge off and I almost fell asleep during treatment. If you’ve read another of my posts, I’ve been finding my upper leg horribly painful and I’m exhausted after a treatment but today was a breeze.

Until next time!!


Hi Electrobaby,

Understanding product ingredients is a great way to find safe products. Milady publishes a wonderful book by Natalia Michalun that is used by skin care professionals entitled: SKIN CARE & COSMETIC INGREDIENTS DICTIONARY.

Many of the products for hyperpigmentation contain hydroquinone or bleach, neither of which I like using on clients however you did find a product that I know of that contains the active ingredient, Kojic Acid, which does work well for hyperpigmentation.

When looking for a product to counteract hyperpigmentation, I suggest looking for Kojic Acid and Licorice as the main ingredients.