I’ve been thinking that I’d like to get electrolosis on a few areas, including my upper lip. I have some hyperpigmentation on my face that are being treated with Retin-A, including my upper lip. So, how do I remove the hair on my upper lip? The RX info. says electrolosis and tweezing are okay, but I’ve always used a depilatory cream. I’m really scared that getting electrolosis where I already have hyperpigmentation will make it worse.

Anyone have ideas on what I should do?


Since you already have a prescription for Retin-A it should be no problem to get an additional prescription for Lustra-AF (Hydroquinone 4%) to quickly fade any pigmentation problems.

Some people are more likely to pigment than others, and some techniques are more likely than others to lead to pigmentation. Just make sure that you consult with as many electrologists in your area as you can, and compare the results in treatment areas worked by different practitioners. It will be pretty obvious who you should work with in a short time.

The hydroquinone will fade any pigment that comes up in a short time, and you will be left with smooth care free skin.