Hyperpigmentation - upper lip

Hello ,

I started getting electrolysis treatments on my upper lip 6 weeks ago . I have been going once a week for 15 minutes

My technician never removed all the hair on my upper lip and is mostly targeting the sides

She says that she is being extra careful with my skin because electrolysis is causing hyperpigmentation

Does this look normal ?

I see nothing out of the ordinary. Hyperpigmentation always goes away.

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Thank you ! My electrolysis technician made it sound like it was abnormal and said that we need to be extra careful with the treatments unlike other clients

Welcome! How long after treatment was this photo taken?

Hello Andrea , 24 hours after the last treatment

How long does the redness take to resolve between sessions?
Do you know what kind of probe they are using?
Are you doing any after-treatment care?

That does not look out of the ordinary, but if you’re concerned, we can try to narrow down the best way forward.

One of the best aftercare helpers I have in my electrolysis tool box is COLD aloe vera gel. I believe that the “coldness” part and perhaps the healing properties of aloe vera, calms the melanocytes down to minimize or prevent hyperpig, especially on women of color. I really love the stuff. The first ingredient listed should be ALOE and it should come straight out of the refrigerator.

What I see on your lip will heal, but of course, no one wants anything like that on their face. Communicate with your electrologist.

Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to reply

The redress/pigmentation reduces a liiiiiittle bit a day or 2 after the treatment but never goes away , again the treatments are only 1 week a part

Aftercare I use :

Polysorin for the first couple of days after treatments
Antioxidant cream
Vitamin c

These are all recommendations from my technician

Would it be safe to ask her to remove all the hair on my upper lip in one session rather than focusing on the sides ? The Charlie Chaplin moustache is kind of annoying :slight_smile:

You DO NOT need all that crap to put on your face. . There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING that you can put on your face to make it heal faster or better, the one thing you might however do is cause contamination of the area by putting that stuff on there. Polysporin, is particularly not recommended.

My primary aftercare step I recommend is to wash the area, multiple times in the 24 hours post electrolysis with plain old water, .No soaps with heavy oils pefume or dyes in it. If absolutely necessary you can use teatree oil or withch hazel as an astringent, however teatree will dry the skin if used continually, so you are better off using it for a day or two, then discontinuing. Diluting the teatree with witchhazel helps some tolerate it better.
There are absolutely no opening that creams oils or anything else can penetrate the skin, there is no possible way for any of it to do anything . /. There are no openings of any kind.
I’m very supportive of Dee’ suggestion of refridgerated Aloe Vera, but be careful, many aloes contain thickeners that can actually be toxic on the skin. The "Fruit of the Earth " brand ( available walmart /walgreens) is by far the worst offender in this regard, . I order all my Aloe from Heathy Planet in large batches, it comes cold filtered with zero added thickeners. , the specific brand I tend toward is Lily of the Desert.

PIH is not affected by sin bleaches, and I see zero evidence of hyperpigmentation in your pictures. I would be a bit leary of the electrologists advice in this regard, because if she is undertreating in order to prevent hyperpgmentation ( which as others have pointed out always fades completely) more damage can be done from undertreating than anything PIH could have ( and again, PIH is temporary and always fades completely).

Happy Zapping,


The way you’ve described your electrologist, it sounds as though she may be a beautician who offers electrolysis treatments among other cosmetic services (face peels, laser, skincare). Is this the case?

Otherwise, I agree with Seana.

Thanks everyone for your invaluable advice

I am in Montreal and get my treatments done at (clinic name redacted by Seana) (a medical aesthetic clinic) . They do facials , wax as well as injections …

I have seen two technicians at the clinic and they both expressed their concern about how badly my skin reacts to the treatment , which freaked me out !

Does anyone know a good electrologist in Montreal ?

Thank you

It’s probably a good idea to switch electrologists at this point (but not for reasons you describe). First and foremost, there is NOTHING WRONG with your skin. The reaction you experienced IS NORMAL and temporary. The two technicians have expressed unnecessary concern and frightened you for no reason. If their understanding of the electrolysis process is so limited they would do this, you need to find another practitioner.

Hi Newbie1,

If you want you can call me for consultation.

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Hi Newbie, just poking my opinion in again ( gosh I like to talk!)
Two things, first, I removed the clinic name you posted. Unfortunately I prefer any negative publicity be anonymous, we dont like to “negatively market” any electrologists reputation. I hope you understand.

Second, I just wanted to like and recommend Dimi’s suggestion to see him for a consult. I had ALMOST posted his name as I do know he’s in laval and accessible, but he doesnt USUALLY take on small cases if my understanding is correct. If he’s offering to see you for a consultation, I would take him up on that offer.I’ve met Dimi personally in my office, and was quite happy with his professionalism.


Thanks Seana for your trust in me.
Actually I am in Saint-Laurent not in Laval. It is in the middle of the island.
And yes you are correct, I prefer big cases and serious clients, but everyone is welcome for free consultation:)

Unfortunately st Laurent it too far from me :frowning_face:

Thank you everyone