Hyperpigmentation for RJC2001

RJC2001, I had lightsheer treatment done approx. 4 weeks ago at 25J. I can still see some signs of laser hair removal. ie. the red/brown circles. They are fading over time, but how long does it take to completely fade so NO signs of laser hair removal is visible. I am type 3 or 4 skin. Thanks

The time it takes for any discoloration to disappear will vary from person to person. I would think a month or two would be about average. I did not have that issue at all with the Aurora.

With the Lightsheer I had some scabbing and when the scabs fell off the skin underneath was lighter. A few shirtless boat rides took care of that.

I’m not telling you to necessarily to go out in the sun. Tolerance of sunlight and ability to tan varies from person to person. But if you tan easily it may help even out your color. You should wait a few weeks after your last treatment though if you decide to try it. Then start out with a sunscreen maybe about 15, then after a week or two an 8, etc. If you are going to be in the sun during laser treatments I would use an SPF 30 on exposed areas.

I am a sunworshipper but I abstain from it during laser treatments. And I don’t have any laser or IPL treatments during the summer.

Be patient the discoloration should go away though. It is rarely permanent.

Hopoe this helps.

please advice and inform me…
i have had one lyra laser treatment done on upper lip and chin. I have asian skin, a bit darker than olive.
Now, the upper lip is fine and skin looks normal after treatment, it did go red, but was normal after few hours.
However, the chin, is messed up! It went red and swollen after treatment. then went purple then scabbed. After the scabs fell off a week later, it went purple again. it has only been 2 weeks since my first treatment. the skin looks as if though it has been burnt. I have been putting vaselin on it. It looks liek it will scab and may be dry up and peel again. But i dont knwo why thsi has happened. coudl this be a pigmentation problem? and if so does anyone knwo what a pigmentation problem looks like. could my condition be a pigmentation problem or just a burn?
Please advice with any info as im so desperate, i feel so embarassed to go out and makeup makes it look darker.
thank you.

I thought we had lots of Lazer Experts on this site ready to answer questions of this nature. Come guys, lend a hand.

Khan 78 has had an odd reaction. The Lyra has a very long pusle duration which makes it kind to the epidermis (outer skin).

What Khan 78 is describing is happening in the dermis (deeper skin).

Given antibiotics and time it will settle with almost no chance of scarring. But you may feel like a teenager for a time. I have to tell you that the same reaction could happen again and that you may not be a good candidate for light based hair removal.

James Walker is teasing as ever. Could my Fairy Godmother give him a good laser - because with those twin advantages (massive skill at electrology as well as a decent hair removal light source) he would sing.

The last comment is not evidence based!